Sunday, July 27

Rifle Falls State park

Some days we tire of the lake and need to venture out, so one day we decided to go check out Rifle Falls State Park. We've been there before in the springtime, and again during the icy winter.
Rifle Falls State Park, CO

The kids and I even took our new friends, Joe, Lara and kids, there when they visited us this past spring.
Peas in a Pod

Every time is special, and fun in it's own way, but I gotta say....I think we finally topped it this time! Summer in Rifle Falls just can't be beat!(except if we'd had friends with us)

The road leading up to the falls.
just around the bend to Rifle Gap

Past Rifle Gap State Park.
Rifle Gap
This photo was created by "stitching" three photos together. It's way too big to get in one shot, and I was pretty happy with how this turned out.

When we were here with the Miller's the kids spent a good part of the day sledding down this hill. On their butts.
the kids sled down this slop a ffew months ago
Now seeing it, it's hard to believe that was ever possible.

That's me trying to get as close to the falls as I could.
That's me getting drenched.

Doesn't this cave entrance look like a big dinosaur foot print?
limestone cave entrance

View from above the falls.
Rifle Falls from above
I love this view, and how lush and bright green everything is.

By the time we walked all the way around and came back to the waterfalls, everyone else was gone and we had the place all to ourselves.
swimming in Rifle Falls
They quickly learned that just because it's hot outside, doesn't mean that water isn't icy cold.
swimming in Rifle Falls
"Guys.Guys. Wait for me!"
swimming in Rifle Falls

Is the water cold, Jake?
Is it cold?

Jonas was the first to get fully in. He'd enter at the falls and then swim with the current down to where we were along the bank.
swimming in Rifle Falls
But Jonas always has a trick up his sleeve. Hands up!
swimming in Rifle Falls

Eventually they all braved the icy waters, and were cool for days.
swimming in Rifle Falls

All these pics were taken with my new Sony DSLR Alpha A200, while I'm still trying to learn how to use it. It's definitely not as simple as my Sony point and shoot, and I wish I would have remembered how to capture waterfalls. I'm having the hardest time with shutter speed and aperture and what's best for what situation. I read it, understand it, then completely forget it. But this day I actually forgot how to even change the settings! Those were a couple weeks ago, and I think I could do better next we just need some friends to visit so I have an excuse to practice. Yes, I'm talking to you.
Rifle Falls

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Jessica Stier said...

Awesome photos! That looks like such a cool place. I think I'm going to have to see if I can get my stop there on our way to his brother's house in October. We drive along the 70 form Utah to Colorado Springs and I guess drive right past it. That looks like spot not to miss!!!

Congratulations on your new camera. I'm super excited for you and to see the things you are learning.


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