Saturday, May 5

Rifle Falls State park

I hadn't seen any pictures, or done any online research for Rifle Falls State Park. It was nothing more than a turn off on the road before I got to town for some major grocery shopping. That was until we finally took the turn. It was way more than I expected, and what unknowingly at the time....started another new road for us. But, I'll get in to that later. Now, I want to relive that day.

The hike out to the Falls started out on ether a paved path, or the teeny tiny dirt trail around the limestone caves. There wasn't even an option.
Limstone caves

It was probably only a five minute walk, but we took at least an hour exploring the caves.
Rifle Falls 137

Out of these dry, dusty caves we pop out behind the waterfall
Rifle Falls 105

Our first view of the Falls
Rifle Falls 116

The obligatory picture from the viewing deck
Rifle Falls 115

Jonas does his own thing.

We continued hiking past the waterfalls, eventually crossing over the top of them.
Rifle Falls State Park

For all the pics click here.

We had such a great time, getting some exercise, enjoying beautiful landscapes, listening to the roar of the Falls, but more importantly just being together, enjoying each other and seeing the joy. The joy on everyone's faces.

Gas to Rifle Falls: $8
State Park Daily Pass: $5
Enjoying your family in Nature's wonder: Priceless

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Wow!! Beautiful!!

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