Saturday, May 12

Deer Don't Disco

Deers Don't Disco
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We're just waiting on UPS to deliver a welding part I ordered four weeks ago. It'll be here Monday. We're going to leave as soon as the brown van rolls away. The plan is to head to Dinosaur, UT, spend a couple days at Dinosaur Nnational Monument, a museum, and a fossil site. Then make our way down to Arches National Park before soaking in Lake Powell. In Lake Powell we hope to find a houseboat to spend even lazier days on, cruising the Canyonlands. Then it happened. What every driver in these mountains fear, happened. A deer ran into my Disco.

This could change everything. :(


The Free Range Family said...

Hope you guys are OK. Probly scared the chicken right outta ya.
Poor Disco.

Heather said...

gosh!! sorry about the deer incident. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Usually u only post once in awhile. As always love the pics and dialog to go with them!!


Madeline said...

We did this in the NC mountains one night last year. No fun! That sucks! Hope it is not too much damage. Let us know. i am loving reading about your adventure.

Anonymous said...

oh girl i am so sorry you all had a run in with the deer. you don't know how many times here on the "acreage" we have almost hit bambi. travis hit one in his work truck right outside of fonda last oct. well i hope all is well and everyone was safe. miss you guys.


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