Monday, May 28

Some remodeling

Because if you said you were doing some remodeling I'd be expecting to see some pictures some day soon, and since I know how much I'd want to see them, and how anal I would get with checking back every day looking for them, eventually resorting to hounding you with requests for said pictures, here they are:

The bus was quite plain when we bought it, notice the bedroom:
bedroom before

Now it radiates me:
bedroom after

I painted the wood black, painted over the half peeled off wallpaper, light grey, and built shelves that connect the new platform bed, to the boys bunks. The mattress is a queen memory foam bed, which has to be the most comfortable bed. ever.

I ordered the white snow tiger fabric online, sending it directly to my Mom where she sewed up the curtains for me, including a white suede lining. Have I ever mentioned that my Mom Rocks?! She did such a good job that I've hired her to do the entire bus.

I'll upload more pics to Flickr for anyone that wants' to see the full shebang.


Unknown said...

(I mean the bedroom remodel! ;) Can't wait to see your bus in real life, someday!

Heidi Snavley said...

I love it!

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