Tuesday, May 8

Hanging Lake Trail

After our day in Rifle Falls State park, it set a chain reaction of more and even better days. We've already been up here about six weeks, which is about the average length we spend in one area, why should this time be any different? The weather's getting better and Joey's work weeks are getting shorter.

On the advice of the satellite installer we drove past Glenwood Springs into Glenwood Canyon to find the Hidden Lake. Jay told me it was pretty easy, so even though we got a late head start we'd still have plenty of time to make the hike before dark, while wearing flip flops.

Jay might not be the best judge of difficulty.
Hanging Lake Trail 179
No, we were not properly prepared, and by the way, don't leave your water in the car.

The trailhead to Hidden Lake can be found at a rest area six miles East of Glenwood Springs, on I-70. It appears to be a typical rest area and unless you do some exploring you'd never even know it was there. We walked a ways down the 16 mile bike path that leads through the canyon, until we got to the trailhead. Jewel was already tired and wanting to be carried.
Hanging Lake Trail 043

If you look close you can see I-70.
Glenwood Canyon

The trail starts at the creek, working it's way up the waterfall. Working it's way steeply up. Up boulders. Lots of boulders.
Hanging Lake Trail 082
Notice Jewel in front of Joey with her walking stick? Suddenly she's not tired anymore.

The boys are loving the challenge and couldn't feel more alive, or ape like.
Hanging Lake Trail 078

I'm usually falling behind, taking pictures and all, giving Joey plenty of time to test the water.
Hanging Lake Trail 124

We hiked quite a ways up, crossing the creek several times,
Hanging Lake Trail 131
attempted some rock climbing,
Hanging Lake Trail 099
and soaked in the mountain air, but Joey had reached the limit that he felt he could safely get everybody out in case of an emergency, so we didn't make it all the way to the Hidden Lake. We will be back.

But first, we gotta go back down.
Hanging Lake Trail 110

After coming back down we continued to walk around and enjoy the surroundings, and sometimes I'm lucky enough to capture the Joy.
Hanging Lake Trail 152

Believe it or not, that's not all the pictures. Go ahead, check 'em out. They're even in a slideshow, just for you.

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