Sunday, May 20

Hanging Lake

I said we'd be back. I have to admit I did have my doubts though, it was considered a difficult hike and given the amount of time it'll take to hike it we weren't sure Jewel would make it...but we had to try. Jewel's got all her necessities.
Hanging Lake 088

We enter the trail thru those trees.
Hanging Lake 244

And continued hiking on up to where we left off last time.
Hanging Lake 096

And remember when I said we hiked up a turns out we'd barely even started.
Hanging Lake 141
There were even more rocky paths, and lots of hot sun in the beginning. The farther up we got, the more shade we got, but we still had a lot more climbing to do.
Hanging Lake 129

Sometimes we walked right up the creek
Hanging Lake 115

Other times we maneuvered around fallen trees
Hanging Lake 112

And occasionally we'd be surprised with random small waterfalls
Hanging Lake 146

There was rarely a flat part of the trail, it pretty much went from one steep terrain to the next, and after the toughest part of all we finally get to see our prize
Hanging Lake 210

The water was the most amazing color
Hanging Lake 165

And opposed to what other hikers on their way down thought of our choice of shoes, we were happy to prove them wrong. The crocs turned out to be good for another reason other than comfort. After getting them wet they took mere minutes to dry so we didn't risk having wet feet and shoes for the hike back down. They could have had better bottoms for the jagged rocks on the way down, but I couldn't have asked for a better hiking shoe. Fake crocs and all. I still don't know how Joey did it in those flip flops though.
Hanging Lake 206

After climbing over 1000 ft. in elevation in less than a mile, we discovered there was still more! Obviously Jake still has loads of energy
Hanging Lake 201

There was yet another large waterfall
Hanging Lake 184

Going back down from this waterfall we hit what was basically a dirt slide. Jonas went first and slid all the way down, and I brought up the rear and only fell a few times.
Hanging Lake 186

After nearly killing ourselves we found ourselves on top of the falls that form hanging lake, it was surreal. We were covered in shade, wading thru iron colored travertine and using downed trees as bridges. Plus we had the place to ourselves. Heaven.

You can see how high up in the canyon we were.
Hanging Lake 195

We had to go back down one more time before saying goodbye.
Hanging Lake 161

And before tackling this:
Hanging Lake 219

How about some more zig zags?
Hanging Lake 228

We're almost there!
Hanging Lake 235

Man what a great hike, I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself driving I-70 thru the Rockies. Everyone was impressed with Jewel, she never gave up and only tried to get Dad to carry her a couple times. She's turning into a natural hiker.

My whole body was sore for a couple days and Joey's calves were a little sore, so I expected the kids, especially Jewel, to be hurting, but they didn't know what we were talking about. They laugh when we say that was a hard hike, so forget if the little ones can make it....they may be helping you up.


zamozo said...

Gorgeous! Just breathtaking!

Jennifer said...

Oh, that looks absolutely beautiful! I'd love to go there some day. Thanks for the pictures!

tribalmama said...

Wow! What an amazing hike, and such spectacular photos! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

That was the best way I've ever seen a hike story told, with the pictures and your beautiful writing. I felt exhausted & exhilarated just reading it!

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