Thursday, May 10

Glenwood Canyon

Six weeks was long enough. We tried, we really did. We thought we'd work longer and take the summer off, but then we remembered that's when the rest of America goes on vacation. So, we're just going to continue enjoying Spring for a while longer, without work getting in the way. We'll do some more exploring this week and then spend the weekend finishing the bedroom remodel I started a few weeks ago. Priorities. Plus, we like to avoid weekend crowds.

Glenwood Canyon  I-70

Ever since our first trip thru The Rockies I've dreamed of riding my bike down the sixteen mile bike path going thru Glenwood Canyon. I'm actually going to do one of my do before I die things. And I just got a new bike a few weeks I have brakes now. Might come in handy. I was going to get a new bike seat for Jewel since her old one that I got on "junk days" years ago wasn't getting any nicer, but the cheap skate in me had to re-recycle. I painted it with a white fushion paint and she looks good as new. Off we go!

Glenwood Canyon 071

After loading up all the bikes, then unloading them when we get to the canyon, Joey's tire is flat! And my never used before air compressor won't work! Joey offered to walk so we weren't going to let a flat tire ruin the day.

At times you're right next to the Interstate.
Glenwood Canyon 013
But it surprisingly doesn't take away from enjoying the views of the river or the canyon walls. Then we'd be under a canopy of trees as we climb higher than the road.

Glenwood Canyon 036

Glenwood Canyon 040

After a while Joey and I switched and I did some fast walking. It feels so good to get active! I must keep this up. For the last stretch back to the car I really rode it hard, plus I've got Jewel on the back adding her weight to mine, so my legs were burning by the time I got off. We walked back to meet up with Joey and encourage him thru the finish line.

Glenwood Canyon 062

Then top it off with the chicken that's been cooking in the car.
Glenwood Canyon 072
Good times.

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