Wednesday, January 20

Change in Plans

Probably not too much of a surprise, but things have changed a little since we last talked. We're no longer buying the new black bus we talked about and have moved back in to the green bus. On Sunday night we got to questioning our plans again, and came to the conclusion that what we REALLY want to do is move to Hawaii. We're about traveled out of the States and we can't afford International travel yet, plus we want to give the kids a chance to grow up somewhere and make friends that they can play with for more than a week, so by Tuesday we had ten boxes shipped to Hawaii, four boxes shipped off to storage in Texas, thirty five bags to the Goodwill, the truck stored at a friend's house, a 2200sf house cleaned spotless, cried good-bye to four cats, loaded up the bus, and were back on the road to Phoenix where we'll visit family & friends for a few days before we leave for our new journey.

We never expected to be moving back into the bus and quite frankly I was expecting some complaining, especially from the always outspoken-not afraid to speak his mind-Jonas, so was surprised upon moving in for Jonas to say, "It feels good to be back in the bus!" I was like, "yeah???". But of course he then followed it up with, "but it feels even better to be moving to Hawaii!"

Bingo! It's all about them. :)


debs said...

I love it Vicki! We have been fantasizing about Hawaii lately, as all Alaskans do. We are really thinking of a visit next winter. I think it is a great move for you guys. Don't you love it when people are amazed that you changed your plans??? I always say, "We live in a bus, we're allowed to change our plans!" I am looking forward to seeing how this goes for you guys. I think you're gonna LOVE it!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am happy for you!!!!! And I have always had dreams of going to HI!!♥

The Valentine's said...

Oh fun! Our friends are going for a month tomorrow, they usually stay for 3 in a little cabin but their plans got messed up this year. I told them they'd have to be our 'eyes' as we definitely won't be able to afford that trip for a while.


little castle said...

What a wonderful change of plans. We hope to come and visit someday!

Jennie said...

Good luck on your newest journey!

lisafer said...

I'm so excited for you!!!! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

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