Friday, January 29

Shipping Schtuff Shlowly

We made into our new place this morning, but unfortunately our Schtuff hasn't made it here it yet. Our Schtuff includes an air mattress & sheets, my Wolfgang Puck stainless steel pots and pans that I've had longer than my children and are worth every bit of the $350 we spent to send all our Schtuff on a slooow boat. (It would have been DOUBLE for first class, and we thought we'd take a little longer getting here.) There's also a small set of dishes and the kids' rollerblades along with sleeping bags. Other than that I have no clue what's on it's way. Oh, wetsuits and a robotic dinosaur. Don't think Jewel didn't have to give her dad big puppy dog eyes to get him to ship that big beast, either. But, all I really want is that $20 blow up mattress.

We carried the boys' cots on the plane (part of the $195 checked bag fee, thank you very much) and got Jewel a mattress today, but Joey and I will be sleeping on the floor tonight. (I know everyone is just feeling really sorry for us now.)

At least I'm only slightly red, not sunburned, after mine and Jonas' swim in the bay looking for sea turtles.

After playing on the beach a while we hit up a big permanent yard sale place and got some boogie boards and beach chairs, which are currently filling in for our non existent couch.

The highlight of the day was Bar B Que Kai take-out. We first discovered this little dive in Waianae about seven years ago and it quickly became our favorite eating joint in the world. It was great to see that nothing's changed..... the teriyaki beef plate was just as good as the first time.

My kitchen box can get lost at sea as long as I have BarB Que Kai.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

There's an unschooling family I know of in HI. I'll send you their name. :O)


debs said...

Okay, NOT jealous of sleeping on the floor. We did that for 5 nights when we got to Alaska and honestly, my shoulders have not totally recovered. Yes, jealous of looking for sea turtles. Did you find any? Soak up some sun for me!!

sak said...

WOW! My daughter and I are enjoying reading about your moving adventure. My daughter would like to go to Hawaii some day, but only for vacation. :)

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