Tuesday, January 26

Where in Hawaii

The roads in and out of Flagstaff were closed for a couple days because of the great Arizona Snowstorm of 2010, so we ended up staying in Tuba City another night. Of course we were all eager to get on the road but unless we went hundreds of miles out of our way, we had no choice. This is the first time I can remember staying in an RV park on an Indian Reservation, and we were delightfully surprised. Normally we just drive through only stopping for gas where we almost always get approached by locals asking for change, and always because they're stranded from home and need gas money to get back. We've been hearing that request for fifteen years and I'm starting to think they're pulling my leg. None of that this time, though! This time we ate at Hogan's Restaurant and enjoyed authentic Indian Fry Bread. The restaurant was cozy, but our waiter was pretty obvious that he preferred the locals over us whitey's.

We headed out just before noon and right after they opened the roads, and it was smooth sailing all the way past Flagstaff..... And what a sight Flagstaff was! Snow was as high as the fences and the drifts were almost covering homes. We'd seen on Twitter that roofs were collapsing, completely demolishing buildings and the whole town had been shut down. When we went through we didn't see any devastation just beautiful untouched white landscape.

We spent a couple days with Joey's brother Bryan and his girlfriend in Glendale, AZ and had every intention of seeing everyone else and visiting a couple of my girlfriends but after we thawed out we found next day tickets to Hawaii for only $150 each, we booked them, then got ourselves a ride and spent last night reducing our world into seven carry-on's and five check-in's. Of which the check in's cost more than another plane ticket would have....BUT, we are finally in Hawaii!

We grabbed a shuttle into Waikiki and checked into a pretty nice hotel within walking distance of famous Waikiki Beach, and after checking on surf lessons for the entire family we agreed we don't need no stinking surf school..we're unschoolers! So over the next few days in between looking for a new place to live and finding a car to buy, we hope to bring out our inner Duke and Gidget. Aloha!


Vicki said...

That's actually seven checked and five carry on....but who's counting?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a trip!! You have to tell me your secret for finding cheap tix!!!! I've been searching and searching!!!! You are the greatest shopper!!! I need lessons! Looks like you are enjoying the beach....I'm jealous!! Trish

debs said...

Wow! I am so excited that you are there!!
Have you watched "Surfwise"? I'm sure you have seen it. Lots of good stuff, and some way weird and sad stuff too, but overall, very interesting. Hang Ten Ya'll!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Looks awesome there!!!!

Vicki said...

We have seen that movie, and loved it! It had some pretty rough and sad stuff, but overall iwe agreed with the lifestyle, obviously..lol

We'd love to go on a family surfing tour!!

Our Pace said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Beach Mom said...

Welcome to Hawaii!

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