Wednesday, February 3

Getting settled in Paradise

Since my last blog post on friday we've been busy shopping fools. Just when we thought we could finally relax and slow down since we got into the condo, it turned out our work was almost just starting.  We've at least now gotten everything we NEED and can take our time from here on out getting the things we furniture.

We've met up with some friends and friday night we were invited to a BBQ with some locals we'd never met before. We got to meet an original Hawaiian, which are not as common as you would think, and he was also one of the cliffdivers in Waimaie Falls, so that was a treat. We've been invited back for a birthday party this weekend and we're really looking forward to that. They go all out here for the kids! One of the many things that makes the Islands so wonderful is their love for family and how they cherish the kids.

We drove out to Yokohama Beach the other day, which is as far as you can go on the westside without hoofing it out to Kaena Point. The surf was way too rough for us, but the kids did get to play with their boogie boards at Barking Sands, which is our most favorite beach because of it's privacy and closeness......and Jewel amazed us out there. Last time she was in Hawaii she was scared to death of the waves and now here she is trying to ride in every wave. She caught on so quick, you'd think she was born with that board. Love that girl!

After a while we decided to check out the north side of the island and go snorkeling in a protected bay. It was protected, just not good enough for the twenty two foot waves hitting that day. The water was real churned up and choppy but at least Jewel got to see her first fish snorkeling and we even got to swim with a large sea turtle.

Along the way we passed fields of pineapple, red dirt, a surf competition, a wild rooster with about a dozen small chicks in the middle of a grocery store parking lot, and stopped for shrimp from a van and a roadside farmers market with avocados the size of grapefruit and bananas the size of vienna sausages.

Our favorite thing to stop for is ahi poki, or raw ahi tuna cut up in chunks and marinated. We've had about ten different types so far, ranging from spicy to seaweed, to wasabi to shoyu, to teriyaki, and so far have not found one we didn't like....and as much as I prefer buying from roadside vans, have found the local Sac N Save grocery store to carry our favorites.

Two of our seven boxes arrived today and I'm already starting to rethink that shipping anything was a good idea. I'll wait until everything is here and then make a final opinion.


I would normally have a gazillion pictures up by now to go with my posts, but because I do almost everything exclusively on my Droid now I'm not using the laptop, so no photos, but on the brightside, without Droid there wouldn't even be a post at all.

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