Saturday, February 27

Night Life, or lack thereof

We spend most of our time here on the west side of the Island, but one night a while back I saw in the paper that Dana Lyons was going to be performing free in a park in Honolulu. Dana Lyons is a vegetarian/comedian/singer/songwriter, and the background music to a video I made a few years back, called Run, Billy, Run. I was really looking forward to doing something special with/for Jonas. He always seems to like the exact opposite as the rest of us, but this was something he actually WANTED to do….it was sponsored by the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, and to be honest I was hoping to get some recipes. We  watched and laughed over and over to his Cows with Guns video, and drove all the way to Honolulu. In the dark…… After spending an hour in rush hour traffic, that was anything but rushing, we got to the park thirty minutes late and couldn’t find him! We found numerous other gatherings but nothing that looked like a concert in the park. Talk about being bummed out, but luckily everyone took it in stride.And me? ……Well, I took a picture, of course.


hawaii 082

This was my first attempt at a night scene and can see I need a lot of practice. But then that means I have to go out into the big city at night. Alone. Because no one else wants to sit around while I’m taking pictures. Now I get the whole photo walking thing! I don’t go places with the intention of taking pictures, they just happen when I see something shiny or sparkly. I might have to change that.Droid pis 815

This is our side of the island. Notice the difference? It’s much more our speed. And, see that little mountain? According to our local friends that is the World’s Smallest Mountain, and I plan on conquering it very soon. This night though was for eating ice cream cones. Again, I wasn’t planning on pictures so only had my cell phone and kicked myself for not having my camera……… That sunset glow sure is a wonderful thing.

Droid pis 315 Droid pis 316

Notice the rainbow to the right of Jewel? If we tried, I bet we could find at least one rainbow everyday here.

Back at home we have pretty good sunsets of our own.

sunset & birds 001

But inside our home, we have a different glow.

hawaii 103

I got this glowing candle at a thrift store, and I just lurve it. It takes me back to the time when Joey and I first started dating. It was the first time I’d ever seen these candles in the artsy district in Phoenix and they were too expensive for me to buy, so I only had one really teeny tiny small one, which burned up in hours. It’s been thirteen years since I’d seen one of these candles and couldn’t believe it when I found this one unburned in a thrift store. I still don’t understand people that don’t burn their candles, but I do thank them.

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Heather's Moving Castle said...

do u need a tripod to do night scenes? I would think any movement would mess it up?? keeping you all in my thoughts!!!

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