Thursday, February 25

Kane’-aki Heiau

Today we checked out Oahu’s best restored Heiau (temple). It was originally built in the 1500’s and dedicated to the God of harvest, agriculture, and fertility, but by the 17th Century it was rededicated to the God of war by King Kamehameha. As a war temple, prisoner’s of war were sacrificed here. Pretty fun stuff.

Today’s it’s still considered a very sacred place and they don’t even want people speaking when they’re on the grounds. When we arrived there was only one other car there, which is rare in Hawaii since it seems like every place is busy..all the time. It was a nice treat.

lizard & Heiau 032

The Heiau (pronounced Hey-ewww!) is located past the Makaha Resort so you have to go past security to get up there and it’s only for a few hours a day that you’re even allowed in. After parking it’s just a short walk to the Heiau.lizard & Heiau 031This is the front of it, but you’re not even allowed up the path to it. You have to walk all the way around it.

 lizard & Heiau 035

This is the “path” we had to walk. It’s tree roots.  Then the view of the Heiau walls from behind. lizard & Heiau 040[4]

Some people bring offerings to the Gods. I read beforehand what was acceptable, and if it wasn’t the listed acceptable offerings, than nothing was better than an inferior offering……….These items were not listed as acceptable offerings.

lizard & Heiau 046


lizard & Heiau 047 This was the closest we could get to the front of it, but it does show more of the walls. The buildings inside were recreated by the Bishop Museum, using thatching and wood from the Big Island.

lizard & Heiau 060 We took note of the buildings like “hmmmmm…….this could be how we build our next home”

You didn’t think we’d be okay with living in a condo forever, did you?


debs said...

Your last two sentences made us laugh. We really like you guys. We say stuff like that all the time!!

Show Us The World said... I didn't think you'd live in the condo forever.

As for the very cool.


Learning With Passion said...

I love to follow you guys on your blog. I chose you for an award. Check out one of my blogs for details.

@HolisticMom on Twitter said...

Love all the photos, glad you are sharing Hawaii with all who stop to look. Much Aloha to you! =D Andrea

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