Tuesday, August 21

Fremont Lakes SRA

Our first stop was the nearest state recreation area, about an hour East. Perusing the Nebraska State Parks book we noticed a whole cluster of parks within hours of eachother, so my plan is to go park hopping. We used to do that with city parks when we lived in a stick house. We'd spend the whole day driving from town to town playing on their playgrounds and nature parks. It was a great way to see the country.......and that's what I'm all about.

Fremont Lakes looked and sounded great, but we weren't that impressed when we first pulled in. After parking and then walking down to one of the twenty small lakes I found a much better spot.
Fremont Rec Area, NE (30)
Now instead of only staying one night, we decided we'd do a couple extra. A couple extra turned into a whole week. It was so nice and peaceful, the heat wave is definitely keeping other campers away. We spent most of our time inside the air conditioning but there was still plenty of time for wildlife.
Fremont Rec Area, NE (9)
The kids tried desperately to catch a bullfrog, but it just wasn't meant to be. I did find a HUGE praying mantice at the gas station and had the attendent box it up for me so I could take it back to the kids. This is right before he jumped on my camera and my fingers and I threw them across the picnic table.
Fremont Rec Area, NE (6)
He was at least six inches long.

The sunset reflecting on the lake
Fremont Rec Area, NE (13)

From a distance the lakes appear to have algae covering the edges, but up close it looks like little empty shells, some of them even have eerie faces.
Fremont Rec Area, NE (65)

Overall, it's an OK park to kick back, relax and fish.


Madeline said...

I have similar praying mantis and water-with-green-stuff pictures right now on my blog as well. I had never seen such a big praying mantis until this one I blogged about a few days ago, and this one was eating a cicada. You got a great picture.

Deanne said...

That praying mantis is looking like he doesn't want his picture taken! No wonder he jumped on you! LOL (Great pictures, all of them - as usual! ;)

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