Thursday, August 30

Two Rivers SRA

So much for hopping, maybe more like crawling. We spent the last week in Two Rivers SRA outside Omaha, NE.....and that's it. At first it was because it was such a nice park, with five campgrounds, five fishing lakes, a swimming lake and lakeside camping under a huge shade tree, then it was because our engine repair work isn't done yet. Ugh. We had to take the *new* welder in to Linweld because it wouldn't start anymore, and since we took it in on a Friday naturally we had to wait until Monday to hear anything, so we ended up spending the weekend. Then on Sunday the Omaha Herald delivered complimentary copies of their Sunday paper and inside was a coupon for free camping on the third if we pay for two, so I think we stayed nine days total. We are getting mighty slow in our old age.

Supposedly they found bones willing digging at the job site in OK where we were going so that's been postponed, another reason for our laziness, we no longer have anywhere to be.

This was our backyard:
Our current backyard
Why would we want to leave?
I was hoping to get a family portrait while we were here, but no one was cooperating. I got one shot, and four dirty looks, and ended up with this:
It was actually much worse but after some editing at least I got a decent current family shot. Then the next day the kids were all for it once I saw them playing in a tree that hung out over the lake. After a group shot with their choice of seating, then they wanted individuals. Joey was busy building a new bike rack for his motorcycle since he never got back his original one after lending it out. I would have loved a family shot in there!
Our "girls"

The boys fished quite a lot, especially Jonas. This is the first time that they fished completely on their own, and they both caught fish! We didn't see Jake's but evidently it was HUGE. Jonas caught a small bluegill and kept it in his bait bucket for a while to play with, before also letting it go.

Jonas is also on his third week of not eating meat. I had a feeling he'd turn vegan, but not this soon! He's only eight! All I cared about at eight were Barbies and ice cream. It's bringing about more challenges for me in terms of finding him enough variety, but it's also making me more aware of what I'm eating and what I'm feeding my family. I know I can do better. I will do better. Any kid favorite vegan dishes would be greatly appreciated. :) Right now he's eating mostly raw: fruits, veggies, cheese, nuts and granola. As soon as I can find veggie burgers, he'll try those. So far it's been impossible to find in these small NE towns.

When they weren't fishing, we'd go for bike rides or over to the swimming lake.
Two Rivers Rec Area, NE

I even got the key to one of the nine or so train cabooses that they have for rent. They're completely restored and made to sleep six. It's probably one of the biggest draws to this park and it was especially cool for us because it's an identical caboose to the one we just explored a month ago, that wasn't restored. They call it Caboose Park.
Caboose Park

I also discovered mobile web here. Joey's had it on his phone for months, and never uses it, anyway I was so worried about Kathy and Family that I tried to see if I could get to their site form his phone, and I did! It was so cool! Doesn't take much for me. We can't manage to get our Internet satellite to work so the next job we go on I'm going to have to call someone out to set it. We don't even try anymore, so it was nice to find the www and read my mail. I miss reading my favorite blogs, and I feel bad that I never acknowledge comments I receive. I want to, I really do. I love getting comments, and I even got a couple award things. I appreciate them so much, and one day I will give a post worthy response, until then, know I really really love them! Thank you!

Bunch more pictures over here!


Anonymous said...

Vicki, My kid's and I are vegan and I can help you with finding Jonas something to eat. is there an email address I can use to send you info? Judy

Aimee said...

How about smoothies-my kids love them. A favorite is 1/4C apple juice, a banana, a cup frozen blueberries and a handful of spinach leaves (really!). The spinach is totally hidden by the blubs, and doesn't alter the flavor. Raw nuts, brown rice and beans are also staples around here.

Vicki said...

Judy, you can email me at jakesmome at aol dot com. Thanks very much!

Aimee, thanks for the smoothie idea, plus what a great way to get rid of extra fruit that they don't eat right away. He actually loves spinach so he may like it better knowing it's in there.

Katherine said...

Vicki, my husband wanted me to tell you about a (actually several) jobs that are going on for welders... email if you want: or IM and let me know. I also have a great zuichini and yellow squash dish/recipe for you.


Jamie and Kathy said...

oh, vicky; the pictures are GREAT! What lovely shots; I love them both!

Anonymous said...

You know i dont usual comment, but i genuinely like your blog and i thought i would introduce myself. I have been reading it for awhile but this is my first comment.

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