Thursday, August 9

Leaving Stepford Wivesville

I'm watching Joey load up all our gear. He got the motrocycle loaded, the bikes and lastly he's working on the satellite dishes, all while I sit here in the park and avoid anything that looks like work. We didn't make it to Des Moines, much to my heartache, and we're still not exactly sure where we're going, but we are leaving. We'll go to Columbus first to hopefully find a new power steering pump for the bus and once it's fixed we'll be heading for, tada.....the nearest lake. Big surprise.

Jonas had his eigth birthday on Monday and we planned on going to a waterpark or miniature golfing, the rain wouldn't allow it. Instead he wanted to get his ears pierced.
Jonas' new earrings
He has his eye on some spider earrings he saw a while back, until then he'll make do with the black cz. He's well aware of the slack he may get, but he doesn't care. :)

I forgot to mention that Johnny and family came out to visit last Friday. They were our first overnight guests and I think they slept OK. The highlight for me was to bare witness to the family's first ever sightings of Firefly's! It was like seeing fairies!

We figured out we've been here 30 something days and had over thirty visitors! Of course the bus was only clean for about three of them, too. That's a lot of company for people who don't entertain much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky!

I am Katie and Maggie's mom. We didn't get a chance to meet while you were here and I'm sorry to see you are leaving!

Maggie LOVES the picture of her and Jonas....thank you so much! Tell Jonas it will be hanging in her room!

We wish you well on your travels and adventures! The girls are going to miss you all!

Our EM is I know the girls would love to stay in touch!

Best wishes!

Trish Daniels

Anonymous said...

so he got both ears pierced? we asked trevor and he said no but wait until his friends do it then he will want to. i pinched his ear to show him what it felt like. lol. geneva wants her pierced as many as i have and her dad is like maybe when you are 20. he is such a fuddy duddy. happy trails to you all and have fun by the lake...jealous much....yes I am!


Jamie and Kathy said...

Pike did the exact same thing for his 9th birthday. He got a loopy thing though with a red stone. Everyone here thinks both boys are girls but there is no stigma attached; we're expected to be weird. :)

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