Saturday, August 4


Crap, now Joey's thinking he may not want to go to the job in Iowa, and just stay here until we go to OK. I knew as soon as I told the Internets, that it wouldn't happen. Dammit. I'll know more by the middle of the week.

In the meantime Jewel and I got new haircuts:
long hair
Hers was self done with a pair of small scissors right to the center of her bangs. Not much unlike she does EVERY summer.

Mine was professionally done.
New haircut
In a way that would allow my hair to grow out the best. We also ran into a Goodwill the other night and I scored with five new outfits, all a size or two bigger than my old stuff, but at least now everything fits and I don't feel fat coming out of every seam. Nice, bigger clothes make me feel skinnier. I'll just cut off the tags and destroy the truth.


I'm working on a post to answer a lot of questions I've been receiving, if you've been wondering's the time to ask. :)


Anonymous said...

when are you due? how long have you known and why haven't you told me?


Anonymous said...

You look great! I love it when I find good deals at the thrift stores although lately (around here) I'm just seen a lot of overpriced stuff.

Angela C. (Blogger is giving me a hard time so I'm signing in as anpnymous)

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