Monday, April 14

Crystal Geyser

So to continue on with the other day......we left the state park and after playing at the city park's playground for a while we decided to take one of the dirt roads off I-70 and see where it takes us. The very first exit we come to has a small sign saying Crystal Geyser, so we follow the dirt road out.
view towards Crystal Geyser
About seven miles later we meet up with the Green River, see something, so we stop to check it out.

What is it?
checking out mud pots @ Crystal Geyser
I don't know....let me touch it and find out.
mud pots at Crystal Geyser

There were no warning signs so we just hoped it was safe. It was.

Then we saw the geyser.
Crystal Geyser
There's a steel pipe installed right at the mouth of the geyser, but I don't know exactly why. We think it's so it helps it shoot straight up in the air when it erupts? We didn't get to see an eruption, but we found out after we got home, and researched it, that it erupts sporadically every 12-16 hrs., lasting up to an hour and shooting up to sixty feet high. We definitely have to try to see one before we leave the area.

I thought that was all there was to see, but then I noticed that it was flowing down to the river.
Crystal Geyser
Crystal Geyser
I had to go get a closer look.
Crystal Geyser
I also learned later that this is a rare geyser, it's cold water powered by carbon dioxide gas, as opposed to hot water from deep below the surface. Basically, the gas builds erupts. So not only does it fart, it's safe to touch, and doesn't stink.
Crytsal Geyser

By the time I climbed back in the car, I was surprised to see we had a new driver!
Jake driving along Green River
Jake was now behind the wheel and we're heading on a narrow road right along the river.
Jake's route while driving

I got a short clip of him driving, Jonas sums it up nicely at the end:

Next Jonas gets behind the wheel. AFTER we found a nice flat area.
dirt road to Crystal Geyser
Jonas caught right on, and was cruising along at a good speed.
How ya like driving, dude?
Jonas driving
Yeah, he liked it. He ended up driving for a long time, until right after this switchback and our hearts couldn't do it anymore.
Jonas driving up switchback

We finished up the day back at the playground with Jonas teaching some nice, sweet, innocent, little Mormon boy how to fart with his armpit.


zamozo said...

Amazing scenery! Lucky kids! Are you guys ever going to go somewhere where there are trees??

Jody said...

That is so cool. Lots of amazing things to see.

Are you going to stake out they geyser and get some good photos?

Madeline said...

Wow! Watching this with Gillen (my 10yo) he just revealed that he too has driven, my car, at the farm, with no one in it! Good conversation starter. I loved how good you guys were about not back seat driving. Inspiring.

karrie said...

The driving pics are hilarious.

I've only seen "Geysir", in Iceland. Same sulfur smell, I'm sure, but the geyser landscape looks so different when not frozen.

Boat Driver said...

I have been enjoying your site for months now. What great pictures and good info. A great way to raise kids.

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