Monday, April 28

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I've learned something about myself....I learned that the amount I blog is directly related to how happy I am with my latest photos. It's not enough to just tell you about our trip to Lake Powell last week, or about what an amazing place Goblin Valley State Park is. If I don't have a good enough picture to post, I don't even want to talk about it.


I didn't get a picture of Jonas' ear split open after his earring tore it into fish lips, so I won't even bother to write about how one of my biggest fears for the kids in getting earrings, actually came true, and everyone was totally freaked out...except the person who lost his favorite Pirates of the Caribbean earring....and didn't even feel it rip his ear open.

A picture couldn't even convey the feelings I have for my boy that saw me sitting outside, relaxing in the outdoor recliner....shivering, when his little hand reached out the bus window to hand me a warm sweatshirt.


My kids don't text or IM anyone, yet when they're playing video games they keep screaming out "OMG".

Jonas is still a vegetarian and has been for almost nine full months. He had his little sister converted for a bit, but she couldn't give up hamburgers. Now she's part vegetarian and part meat eater, according to her.


One of my photos has been requested for use in a a graphic design firm that worked for Al Gore on An Inconvenient Truth, and now I need to figure out what accreditation I want. Why am I having a hard time with this?


As much as I try, I can't not include at least one photo.
Valley of the goblins
Unlike the hoodoo's in other national parks, Goblin Valley allows visitors to explore every inch of theirs. Talk about the greatest playground on Earth!
goblin valley

Dream it, and it will come.
surfing a goblin


zamozo said...

Yikes, Jonas' ear! Did he get it stitched up or does he like the look of a cleaved earlobe?

Congrats on your photo sale (I hope you're getting good money for it!) Email if you want me to ask the pro what he'd do.

Madeline said...

I like you writing as much as your photos and that's saying a lot. I love the mental image of your son handing you the sweater. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

The whole ear thing would freak me out too!! What a brave kid! Your pictures are always amazing!!! We will be at Lake Powell in Sept. I'd love to hear where you guys stay there if you like it. We will be on a house boat for a wk, but camp for another wk or 2.


Snavleys said...

I'm laughing about the vegetarian thing. I became vegetarian 13 years ago and then Kevin jumped aboard about 6 year ago and then went vegan about a year ago. Then he showed Tristan and Calista some gross videos and they went vegetarian a few years ago (all went vegan for about 5 months), now my husband is only eating fish. So beware!

Sandra Dodd said...

I wish Teddy Roosevelt had had a digital camera. I guess not really, but he was able to describe things pretty well and I'd love to have seen photos of some of the things he saw. He describes a pack rat's stash and there was a knife and I don't remember what all.

This morning my irises are stunning and I chose not to take a picture. A picture wouldn't do diddly. You wouldn't be able to turn around and see the rest of the yard, or to know how truly shady our front yard is for Albuquerque, or to smell the air and see the lilacs dance in the breeze. So no photos.

angel said...

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