Saturday, April 12

It's that time again...movin' on

What's up?! It's been a while, I know, and it seems the longer I go without blogging, the harder it is to blog. The farther I get behind, the harder it is to catch up so I'm just going to go ahead and skip ahead to current times, ie. the first two of the last four days. Capiche? OK

Utah landscape off I-70
Wednesday we took a trip to Eastern Utah to scope out campgrounds, and then leave Joey's welding rig at our chosen campsite. The weather was rainy, and cloudy, and miserable to some, but I couldn't have asked for better.
Utah landscape off I-70

After finding the best spot out of the two hundred ninty six of three hundred available sites, we headed back home more excited than ever to begin our next adventure! We hadn't really planned on moving the bus again anytime soon, but it turned out that was exactly what we needed to do. We'd been parked in the same spot for six months, way too long for our comfort. We're not moving far, just a couple hundred miles west into Utah, but it's a whole new scene with a very different atmosphere. Something new, with new things to do and explore.

The next morning after my last visit with Jeannie in the RV park office, we fired up the bus and pulled out. No fan fare, just a lotta smoke.
Caution: Cheech & Chong On Board
Blame it on Cheech and Chong.

One last Good Bye to our snow capped mountains.
Leaving Battlement Mesa, CO
Farewell to a cold Grand Junction.
Leaving Grand Junction, CO
Hello to the sunny skies of Mormon Country.
Traveling - The sun has come out

Even though we drove less than two hundred miles, we managed to make four stops. Once to check the bus tires to make sure the dry rot is holding up, another for food and fuel, one rest stop to check tires again, and another just for good luck. The kids don't mind, they love climbing the hills and running in front of cars zooming off the off ramp. They're tough.
Kids at rest stop

Following the bus towards the canyonlands that will serve as our new view for the following months, weeks, days....some amount of time.
Bus trip
There's a field right behind us, designated as the deer viewing area.
Home for now
With an empty campground as our front yard with views of the "Maze".Camprgound in Utah

The only downfall: The closest real grocery store is 62 miles away.
The bonus: I just may lose that extra twenty now.


Karen said...

You are FUNNY, girl! I always love reading your posts, they make me laugh every time! Maybe one of these days we'll meet each other for *real*! Are you coming to Life is Good?

Vicki said...

Funny you ask....I was JUST telling Joey that I'd like to go to Life is Good, and then added that the KIDS really want to go..that gets him everytime. :)Sooooo....we are thinking about it. I do really want to.


Madeline said...

But then you also have to go to live and Learn in N.C.! It's the last year.

harvestmoon said...

Oooooh! you updated! I SO know that feeling; the longer you go without posting, the harder it is to post. I wonder why that is? Anyway, what happened to Maui?

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