Sunday, March 23

The End

For our final leg of the trip we decided to check out Lake Powell.
Lake Powell
We've been talking for a year now about buying a houseboat here and living on it for a couple months at a time. Now we're beginning to think that's too limiting.

We continued on through Monument Valley.
Monument Valley
Where Joey tried to jump ship.
I'm on a Road to Nowhere

No one wanted him so he was forced to continue on with us through Mexican Hat,
Mexican hat

And then finally making it all the way back home. Where we were happy to discover that all the snow had melted! It didn't make it any easier to get back in the groove of working, though. We spent the next week trying to figure out what our next move would be. And we came up with a plan! Then another plan. And yet another one.

First we decided we'd sell the bus and move to Maui.
Then two days later we decide to just rent in Maui for six months and then decide whether to sell the bus or not.
Then three days later we decide to keep the bus parked as is, go live in Maui, and Joey would commute back and forth for work.
Today....we're going to Maui for one month, and not making any decisions.


Karen said...

My, my...your decision making sounds so very familiar! Makes me feel good to know I'm in such fabulous company. Life's a journey, right! So, who cares if we can't always seem to decide on which path to take, it all turns out grand either way!

Mary Ann said...

We've got two more years on our fantastic RV trip to see the US and Canada. Power boat is almost rehabbed where husband will live to manage the Orange County business and will be large enough for the four of us to live when we are done RVing. So, it should be easy to take the furniture out of storage and get rid of it -- right? Ummm. No. Why can't I make the next jump? It's so hard to make the "next" decisions.

Madeline said...

What fabulous choices! I'm excited to go there with you through your blog.

harvestmoon said...

i find decisions overrated. Maui sounds lovely (but I still prefer the Caribbean). You could come here too...

Looks like you guys are having a blast and enjoying life; what more can you ask for? Enjoy!

Snavleys said...

I suppose it will happen exactly as it is meant to be:) That picture with Joey hitchhiking is breathtaking! Beautiful picture!! Good luck in your new adventure!

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