Wednesday, March 12

Joshua Tree National Park Revisited

Since the temperatures in Joshua Tree were back up we decided to try tent camping again. This time it wasn't a three day weekend so we pretty much had our choice of primo campsites. This time we made sure to pick one that would shelter us better from the wind, in case there were any, which there wasn't, but none the was a sweet spot.

Joshua Tree campsite

enjoying a rock solid nap
That even came with it's own couch. Jewel had a quick nap before heading into Twenty Nine Palms to meet the family at their hotel, and then go out to supper.
supper with everyone
Afterwards we brought Joey's sister back to camp with us, where for a few hours we didn't think about Jordan, her son, going off to Iraq. Instead Gina focused on holding up the massive rock that looked like it was going to crash down on our site.
holding up the rock

The next day after saying good bye to everyone we came back to camp, intent on a hike, and crashed instead. We ended up staying another night since the weather was so fabulous. And there were still many rocks to climb.
climbing at camp

Joshua Tree Nat Park

desert outhouse
The boys can't even use the outhouse without me documenting it.

It's no wonder their favorite game is "hide from Mom!"
and I ran......

It's OK, just gives me incentive to get a DSLR which doesn't have that delay. Muaahhaaahuahuahua

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Stacie said...

Looks like a blast! Love the pictures!

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