Sunday, March 9

from boy, to man

Fourteen years ago this cute little guy was skipping down the aisle as the ringbearer for our wedding.
wedding pic 001

I never imagined that one day he would follow in his Uncle and Grandfather's footsteps and join the United States Marine Corp. I for sure never thought we'd be gathering in the middle of Twenty Nine Stumps to ship him off to Iraq.
Jordans deployment

I grew up an Air Force brat and always felt it was every red blooded American male's duty to serve our country....that is, until it became a reality. He's just a kid, he's got a cute girlfriend and a whole life ahead of him, and now we're hugging good bye so he can go to war? WAR. How does a brother console his sister whose only baby is going on the fight of his life?
Jordans deployment

How did this other Marine's wife stay so strong while holding her unconsolable daughter while she was screaming, "My Daddy! Not my daddy!"?
Unconsolable Marine's daughter

I suppose it's getting quite common now to be shipping our guys off, but this was my first experience with it. Joey's family had to go through this when he went to fight in Desert Storm. I hope it's all of ours, last.

Boarding the Ironman Shuttle
Stay strong, Lcpl. Jordan Alvarado. We're so proud of you, devil dog.


Stacie said...

Wow, what a touching tribute. So very sad. I wish all the best for your nephew.

Mary Ann said...

Let us know if we can do anything to help his stay over there go more quickly -- our family would be glad to write letters or send cookies or do something nice for his wife and daughter...

We want to do something to say thank you.

Mary Ann FOTR

zamozo said...

Thank you Lcpl. Jordan Alvarado! Return soon and safely!

karrie said...

Stay safe and return soon.

Traveling Inferno, USA said...

Tell him thank you from all of us! Prayers are with him, love and blessings to his and your family.

Love Much,
The Travelin Welder Tribe

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