Thursday, March 13

Slight detour

Originally we planned on heading straight home after Jordan's deployment but we felt bad for not taking the kids to an aquarium while we were in San Diego so we promised them we'd take them to another place they've been wanting to go. Can you guess where?
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Hint: Colorado River runs through it.
Grand Canyon

You're so smart. The Grand Canyon!

We came up through the southern entrance, staying outside the park the first night and catching the Grand Canyon Movie at the IMAX theatre before heading into the park the next day. The movie claims to be "the most watched IMAX movie ever" but they really should call it "the most expensive IMAX movie ever that really isn't even worth it" but, at least I have the ticket stubs for my empty scrapbook. It was good in that it told the story of the peoples of the canyon, rather than the geological history, which was cool, but it definitely needs to be's probably also the "oldest IMAX movie ever".

This was our very first view of the canyon.
Grand Canyon
Yes...I was surprised to see snow. It was nice, though. I didn't cry, I was saving that for Colorado.

Grand Canyon
I was also wearing red, and one lady asked me if I did that on purpose so I could find everybody. So maybe I'm a little obsessed with red.

We drove the entire length of the southern side and after the locals gave us the stare down we decided against staying another night.
Grand Canyon Elk

We exited throught the eastern gate and kept on going. And so did the canyon. Outside the park has almost as many pullputs for viewpoints as inside, only they're surrounded by local artisans, making uncomfortable at times to even pull over. One particualer spot, I believe they called it "The Little Grand Canyon" had probably fifty booths set up at it, and in order to get to the viewing point they actually fenced off the parking area forcing you to go right down the middle of their booths. Joey stayed in the car while the kids and I attempted to make it through without buying anything. One dream catcher later, and we made it.
Little Grand Canyon

Just the hike alone was worth it.
Little Grand Canyon

Having the kids fight over giving eachother bunny ears while standing on the edge was a little scary.
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Luckily, no one got hurt and they remain best friends forever.


Heather said...

Oh, how fun! Your posts make me smile! ;)
Hopefully CO will start to warm up soon!

Kimberly said...

If I didn't know any better I'd say you were shooting pictures of super models for a Dickies ad! Awesome photos as usual - even those with Grand Canyon.

Stacie said...

Wow, your posts make me so jealous! I'd love to see all that you guys do. At least I get to through your blog. And I agree, those pics could be for a Dickies ad! How adorable!

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