Wednesday, April 30

Fossil Point

Among the many trails surrounding us here in Castle Country, one is called Fossil Point, but basically it didn't matter what the road led to, for us it's just an excuse to go for a drive. We love going for drives. It's what we do. Whether it's a drive in the country, thru the mountains, along the oceans, amongst canyon walls, or as is the case lately, transporting back to the Jurassic Era, a good drive is our drug....and Utah's giving us our fix.

The drive to Fossil Point started out heading south from Green River, into the San Rafael desert past miles and miles of gray shale until the more colorful and older geological layers were gradually being exposed.
road to Fossil Point

We have now officially entered the badlands of the Jurassic (and I know this because my handy dandy brochure from the KOA office told me so). But also because we could actually envision the dinosaurs roaming this land.

I could see a brontosaurus drinking from this reservoir.
it's mud, not water

DinoExpert Jake, however, says it was a velociraptor I saw, and he had the tracks to prove it.
road to Fossil Point 050

Right after the reservoir is a smaller, primitive dirt road that leads to Fossil Point and the resting ground of many dinosaur bones and fossils. My instructions were to drive 1.2 miles and "park on the large flat area" and "Fossil Point is the rocky outcropping 116 feet above and to the East".
Fossil Point

One: I do not know how to set the tripometer in my car, with all it's fancy gadgets.
Two: There are at least half a dozen separate rocky outcroppings.
Three: I need more instructions.

One large flat area: check.
Fossil Point parking lot

Next my instructions say, "just start exploring the boulders for bones" and "there are some large vertebrae and other bones embedded in some rocks right at ground level." Go ahead, Jake...just start exploring!
boulders at Fossil Point
No, really, it's nothing like finding a needle in a me.

I doubt this is anything, but it's the closest we came to even trying to force an imaginary fossil. boulders It looks like it could be vertebrae. no?

Oh well, we pretty much gave up before we even started because Joey and the kids kept finding cool rocks, and I was fixating on these itty bitty little flowers that popped up sporadically. This little pink plant was about one inch big, and looked like it was coated in sugar crystals.
teeny tiny plant in San Rafael desert

This little two inch tall one was another one of my favorites.
pretty tiny flower in desert
They were so incredibly tiny!

After a bit I wandered over to a different rocky outcropping, the tallest one near where we parked, and decided it was Fossil Point and if I climbed all the way to the top I would be rewarded with "enormous casts and fossil bones once belonging to a Brontosaurus, among others."
view from top
All I saw from up top was a mini hotwheel car and some toothpicks rock hunting. It was a good workout hiking up that sandy mountain, though!

When we were ready to go we decided to keep going a little further South, and just see what we find.
road to Fossil Point
We found the land got redder, and that we could go on for days...but with no GPS on us, or cell phone reception anymore, topped with the fact that no one knew where we were, we didn't.

Horse Bench Reservoir
We went back to Horse Bench reservoir to climb around it's many boulders and take in different views of the reservoir. I love this body of water, not because it's red, but because it's not even water!
Muddy Reservoir
It's solid mud! Trippy, huh? All those ripples in it...drying mud.

A little rock collecting, boulder hiking, lizard chasing, sight seeing, and fly practicing.
Strong wind
It's what Jake does.

Appreciating her life and all the pretty things in it...
Jewel with flowers
That's what Jewel does.

What do you do?


karrie said...

The sugar-tipped plant is gorgeous!

Mary Ann said...

That was mud? I would have never guessed. Great plant pictures!

Sandra Dodd said...

I love that photo of Jake, but the one of Jewel says "currently unavailable." Did you move it, maybe?

The flowers are wonderful.

Jody said...

What a beautiful place. The colors are so vibrant.

Wish we were there!

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