Saturday, May 15

Manoa Falls

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love to go on hikes. According to my family though, that is all I EVER want to do. Joey says that they’d probably go if I quit asking them all the time. But I know if I stopped asking them they would never  be like, Hey, Mom….Wanna go on a hike? …So I devised a plan. I asked Joey one night if he wanted to see a waterfall the next day. I assured him it can’t be that hard of a hike since I once did it with the kids when they were little, while carrying Jewel in a backpack. In the shape I’m in today, for me to be able to do that, would mean it was a super EASY, SHORT hike. So with that in mind, he agreed and the next morning I told the kids we were going out to see a waterfall, and with their Dad behind me, they were totally up for it.

There aren’t many waterfalls on Oahu, and Manoa Falls is definitely the most popular and easiest hike. Manoa Falls (1)To fully be present with the family, and because It’s heavy, I chose to leave my camera at home (but know full well I have my cell phone with me). I have to at least be able to capture the moment! (I got seventy four of them.) We passed eucalyptus trees before entering a lush rainforest, then quickly headed straight up the mountain. The kids realize at this point that we’re on a hike, not just going to see a waterfall. My plan worked…… They are on a hike and now loving it. 

Manoa Falls (6) My only problem now was they were moving too fast! Not only was it a climb UP, but it was very muddy. Not even half way up I was getting the look from Joey. The look of, “what did you get me into this time?!” I loved it. I love hiking over tree roots and heaving myself over large boulders, but could have done without the slippery mud.  Our normal pattern is to steadily hike to the location, and then take our time meandering, exploring, and picture taking on the way back down. After this hike I now see the problem with that… would have been a lot easier and a lot less guilt inducing on me if we had slowly made our way up hill with lots of breaks, and then quickly gone down the hill. Ehhhh…….the leg burn felt great.

Manoa Falls (21) And in only a mile we were at Manoa Falls. All one hundred and fifty feet of her. She lands into a small pool that’s filled with boulders and is prone to landslides and rockfalls so it is forbidden to go in.

Manoa Falls (15)Except for her, apparently. We came up on this woman as she was getting out of the pool, and claims to do it often, but said it was very scary that day and didn’t stay in long. Something about the boulders and visibility. 

April 2010Manoa Falls (16)

February 2003

Manoa Falls Vic & kids 

That’s the boys on the rocks and me holding my baby Jewel over seven years ago. Not only have we changed but the waterfall sure looks a lot different, too!

Manoa Falls (20)

Jewel washed the mud off her feet and shoes every chance she got. Some things don’t change, she still hates getting dirty. Manoa Falls (22) Going down was a lot easier, but it still wasn’t a stroll in the park Manoa Falls (35)Manoa Falls (29) 

This is the trail in the center of the picture. The plants on the left are actually on a near vertical wall starting right where you see them. One slip on this muddy trail and you’re dropping straight down.

Jake, not remembering our tradition of taking it slow on the way down, took off ahead of us and missed bath Manoa Falls (36)

and jungle gym timeManoa Falls (53)

Instead he waited in front of this large tree and then had to sit through a Japanese tour guide giving a fifteen minute spiel to his group, right in front of him, with him feeling like a tourist attraction at the Zoo.

Manoa Falls (71)You know the saying, It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey getting there? Manoa Falls definitely backs that up. It wouldn’t even have to have the falls at the end, I’d do that hike over and over, just for the scenery along the way. Just typing this post Jewel is asking me if we can go back here………. Our own Land of the Lost

Manoa Falls (62)


Motherbird said...

I have major hiker envy now! What a great place. Glad you found a way to trick your kids into going. :-)

jody said...

Wow. So beautiful.

Boy, Jake sure has matured in the last few months. I mean and then some. You have a big boy on your hands!!

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