Monday, May 3


photo walk 043 

Across the street from our complex is a botanical garden…of sorts. It’s actually empty land that two retired guys decided to garden, but it is a pretty garden, none the less. I finally decided one morning to go out specifically to get pictures of the flowers. I took my 50mm lens and was hoping for great things. I did not get anything great. It’s been a month since then, as are all the pictures I’m posting today, and was the beginning of me making a real effort to learn how to use my camera. I get the shutter speed and focal point, although it still takes me a few minutes to get them adjusted good. I mostly remember to set my ISO and almost never forget the white balance. My main focus  right now is my area of focus. My lens seems to fall right below of where the focus should be, AND I cannot stand still to save my life. I hate tripods but if I want to get any better I’m going to have to start using one.


 photo walk 054

A couple days later Jewel joined me for another photo walk, this time in the late afternoon, though, so we had a much different light, and as far as I was concerned….I had a much better walk w  Jewel 012 I hadn’t intended to take pictures of Jewel but when she’d pick up sweet smelling plumeria flowers and put them in her beautiful blond hair, how could I resist?

photo walk w  Jewel 015

While Jewel took this picture of a yellow flower, I’d take pictures of her taking picture of said flower.

photo walk pics by Jewel 015 photo walk w  Jewel 027

If she captured the spikes on one plant, I’d capture her…..well, she did get a little sick of it.

photo walk pics by Jewel 017 photo walk w  Jewel 035

photo walk w  Jewel 030photo walk w  Jewel 046

But most of the time she’s a good sport about having me take her picture. She’s even starting to actually try to model now. She thinks about her smile and her stance, and always looks to put herself in the best light. Much like she tries to line up her own shots. After seeing the above bright yellow picture on the computer I remarked about how bright it was, much brighter than from my camera, and she said…”Yeah, that’s because the sun was at a really good angle.” …………..She’s eight!

photo walk w  Jewel 040   photo walk w  Jewel 044 photo walk w  Jewel 049

We finished off the photowalk inside the complex surrounded by dozens of peacocks but among the hundred pictures between the two of us, we just can’t seem to capture a good enough one of them. I think I just need to stick with what I do best………….. my people


Motherbird said...

Do you see the faery wings on Jewel in the second picture of her? I do. :-)

Vicki said...

I didn't know it was fairy wings, but I knew there was something special about that picture! I just couldn't put my finger on it! Thanks!! :-)

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