Thursday, May 13

water tower hike

When we stayed at The Makaha Towers in 2003 the kids and I used to hike up to the water tower behind the condos all the time. I remember I couldn’t even go on a walk or hike without them right behind me, rearing to go, racing me to the elevator. I never knew that would change, and always expected to never get a moment to myself…… My, how that HAS changed.

Hike with  peacocks 004

I guess they’ve changed a little, too.

I’ve continued my walks up to the water tower, and after only one walk alone, Joey has joined me on every one since. Not only is he joining me, but he’s now the one initiating it.

During our morning walks we can hear the mountain goats crying so loudly and fiercely I want to run up into those mountains and rescue them! Then we get soothed by birdsongs and remember that’s just their language, they’re ok.

One morning in the middle of our path was this large centipede

droid 146When he was still there on our way back down we gently scooted him out of the path and into the grass.

and continued our people-light, nature-heavy, walk back downDroid 176

Where we do some stretches in the same spot Jonas once had a conversation with a peacockHike with  peacocks 013

Before going commando on him and nabbing himself a featherHike with  peacocks 010

Even though their thirteen, ten and eight year old bodies aren’t with us on these walks anymore

Hike with  peacocks 008

I always see these little guys while I walk that path full of the memories they once created for me.


debs said...

Oh my gosh! So sweet so poetic and so true. Beautiful blog post vicki!

Vicki said...

Thanks, Deb :-)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm starting to feel that way about my little guys. But it is all cool. ♥

Show Us The World said...

I'm feeling a bit teary eyed after reading this. Beautiful capture of one part of the Mom journey, both in words and pictures.

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