Friday, May 14

Things that happen on our Lanai

Sometimes we don’t even have to leave our couch to see wildlife in action here. At the same time I heard a loud thud against our lanai windows I saw this little bird falling to the ground .bird (10)

He looked stoned. He just sat there in a daze with his little feet looking all crinkled and broken. bird (14) Jewel immediately went into little mama mode.bird (17) I immediately went into wanna be photographer mode.

Jewel didn’t like that one because it didn’t show the bird good.bird (21)Much better, she says.

She then set him on the railing, but he wasn’t looking too strong at first.bird (24) 

Not too much longer, though and he started to gain his wits about him againbird (25)

and boy were we relieved! Uh hmmm……..and so was he.

(For the record, Joey said “you are not putting that pic on the web?!”

"Oh Yes I did!

bird (26)

He’s alert and trying to pick up his feet at this point, but still not going anywhere

bird (38) “Are you my Mama?”bird (37)

He sat there for so long the sun started setting and the porch lights clicked on.bird (43)so Jewel took it upon herself to get the little guy a drink bird (46) bird (47) after only a few sips he flew right to my arm, freaking me the F out, throwing my arms up in the air and forcing him to fly to the trees. And that was it. Our job was done.


A few days later Joey calls me to the lanai to look at the carnage in our backyard.doves (3)

Before I completely freaked out, he let me know that were all just catching some rays.


never a dull moment


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I love that little bird! So cute!!!

Rosemary said...

Vicki, thanks so much for removing the invite. I so missed your blog. I just love reading and looking at all your pictures. So again thank you

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