Tuesday, June 1

Beal’s Pond

This is the popular surfing side of Makaha Beach, which ends at the block wall that begins the condo building. Beyond that rock wall are private residences and difficult to traverse, reef. Our friends told us there were pools over there in the reef though, so one morning Joey and I had to see these “pools” for ourselves.Makaha Beach 075

Now THIS is a POOL!Droid 183

We expected some small tidepools, but was happily surprised with the depth and width of this pool! Droid 184

Like most places in Hawaii…there is a plaque:Beal's Pond (9)  DEDICATED TO LOVERS, MAMAS AND BABIES

This is by far the best dedication I’ve seen.droid 058

  As nice as it is to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this place by ourselves……it is best shared with friends!

droid 065

  droid 056

Jewel would have to wear her shoes to get across the rock so she could jump over and over again into the pond, and crocs turned out to be perfect reef-jumping shoes. She’d throw them into the water before she jumped and then they would just float on top. Then after jumping in she’d gather up her shoes and rest them on the spiky rock ledge to wait for her to repeat the cycle. Needless to say, Jewel loves this place!

droid 061

They almost look like they’re hanging in mid air, don’t they?

Beal’s Pond: Just another reason to love Hawaii


Hilary said...

The way they line up with the trees, Jewel's shoes look gargantuan. I've missed seeing your pics - so glad our net is back on. =)

So good to see you're still finding treasures.

Anonymous said...

the crocs look like they were inserted into the picture - funny!! Lover your traveling journal!!

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