Saturday, June 5

Name that Succulent

We noticed this odd looking cactus along our trail in the morning about six weeks ago, almost hidden in the tall grass. If I had to guess I’d say they were about nine inches tall, and just stood out as an odd beautiful thing in the middle of the dry grass. Especially being the only plant of it’s kind anywhere, that I could see.Droid 171

To add to it’s interestingness was this lone huge bulb.

Droid 170 And what an awesome surprise to walk by this plant that hadn’t changed a bit for almost two months, and see this gorgeous flower.

droid 005

As it opened up it released seeds that looked exactly like the seed from the Tree of Life from the movie Avatar. (a few can be seen in the first photo, and one in the bottom left of the last photo…(*Droid photos)).

***The 3,245th thing that makes me happy to be in Hawaii***

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