Friday, June 18

Sand Island – Now & Then

Sand Island 002 April in park & beach 020

Sand Island 005 April in park & beach 022

Sand Island 007


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! And the last one is HOT! Keep up the good work - Mom

ginalovesvicki said...

I know you don't like to stay places long, but you guys look like that's where you belong!

debs said...

I love the then and now photos! You are all looking great! Vicki, your hair is so beachy, looks fantastic!

organic tribe said...

very cool "now & then" pics! I still just love your blog & your amazing pics!!! Give your beautiful family our love!

FuhKaui Family said...

Thanks girls! and Mom :-) My mom thinks I'm HOT! lol

I'm really liking the before and after pics, to hear you guys are, too. I've got some more hidden away

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