Thursday, June 17

Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls is listed as being an easy hike, so I thought it sounded like a great hike for the whole family. A leisurely stroll out to a small waterfall with deep, cool pools. Who could resist that? Well, the boys could, but I have to remind them there are other things in life besides video games. It’s a tough sell these days. Maunawili hike 109

The trail starts off walking through mostly coffee and mountain apple trees, but I honestly don’t know what’s what. Just many shades of green, in even more shapes and sizes, and when we’d finally bust through a grove we’d have these great views of the cloud topped Ko'olaus Mountains.Maunawili hike 110

The path was well worn, and mostly followed the creek up towards the falls.Maunawili hike 113

Then we’d have to cross the creek which is always fun, but deciding which path to take once we got to the other side was never an easy decision. The trail is mostly unmarked so we just hoped we made the right choices.Maunawili hike 118

Then more thick jungleMaunawili hike 125 followed by another stream to cross. We’re like Frogger crossing these boulders, only instead of watching for cars we had to watch for slippery rocks.Maunawili hike 126

Or in Jewel’s case, someone to guard her goggles and sticks for her. Maunawili hike 130

Jewel had no choice but to swing on her first natural tree swing.

She was made for this.Maunawili hike 131Joey’s Field of DreamsMaunawili hike 134

Oh look!….Another creek to cross! Maunawili hike 136

but then the whole trail got a little twisted

Maunawili hike 137


Maunawili hike 145 Those stairs seemed to go on forever. Just when we thought we were done, around the bend would be another set of “stairs”. But we did finally make it to the top, and Jewel took a much deserved “breather”Maunawili hike 146 What gorgeous views we had walking across the ridge!

Maunawili hike 148 The waterfall is somewhere down inside this valley, right around in the middle of the picture is my best guess

Maunawili hike 149

At this point Jacob had taken off ahead and left the rest of us behind, including Jonas, who was struggling. It’s also at this point that we determine that this should be a breeze for a ten year old boy so the fact that he was having a hard time is worrying Joey and I a little. A few months ago he would have kept up with Jacob. Maunawili hike 157 After making it all the way up, we were surprised to have to now go back down. I wasn’t even sure we were going in the right direction, and not having Jacob with us starts making me pretty nervous. Who knows which way he went?! Is he on the right trail even? Not liking that! Then at the bottom we hit yet another creek and another trail, both leading in opposite directions. We decide to stay awhile for someone else to come along and hope they knew which way to go. I wasn’t happy to see it was straight up the creek, over the boulders. A little ways in though we found a trail, and we could hear kids laughing in the distance.

Maunawili hike 162Then we saw all the kids, and Jake there waiting for us. Such a relief. But THIS is the waterfall?? Maunawili hike 164

I wasn’t expecting to be in this closed in little valley with one hundred foot rock walls on either side of us. I also wasn’t expecting so many kids!                                                                                                             Maunawili hike 165 Naturally, I wanted to jump but as you can see from this picture, it felt a little too much like Mystery Science Theatre to me. I wasn’t getting up there and having all the critics in the front row making fun, or the paparazzi snapping photos.                                                                                                                          Maunawili hike 166

Here’s Jake patiently sitting and waiting his turn while the bigger kids jump off the walls from both sides. Most of the kids on the waterfall are just hanging out, or just jumping from there. You can’t see the ones that climb way up, until they’re plunging in the water. THAT was pretty cool to see.2010-06-10 12.10.37

Here’s a short little clip of Jonas from his jump off the walls, and his reaction afterwards.

We swam in the pool and watched everyone jump for about an hour then slowly started making our way backMaunawili hike 170We tried to stop and eat but the mosquitoes quickly started attacking us so we had to eat on the move Maunawili hike 177

I knew to bring bug spray, but completely forgot. We all paid for that.

Maunawili hike 178

Maunawili hike 187

Going down is much easier, and it seems Jonas had caught his second wind. Or else tree branch jungle gyms are just too exciting to pass up no matter how exhausted you are.Maunawili hike 193

On the way back I finally figured out it was easier to walk barefoot and simply walk through the creeks instead of trying to balance myself on the boulders with camera in one hand and Jewel’s collections in the other. Maunawili hike 202

Occasionally we got a reprieve from the brown and green and saw some other colors, too

Maunawili hike 219 Maunawili hike 210 Maunawili hike 198

Overall, this was a great hike, one that I definitely want to do again, only the next time I will be sure to go while school is in session.


debs said...

Gorgeous Vicki! I loved the tree branch jungle gym! I was also admiring your families super high tech hiking shoes! Funny to think of all the gear people think they need for a hike and there you guys are in flip flops!

FuhKaui Family said...

Breaking the rules! :)

I actually found this weird, cool looking pair of shoes in a thrift store a couple months ago and wore them once but decided my croc flops are just as good. Turns out those weird shoes are Keens! (I remember you mentioning those before)

Penny said...

There was a 2nd waterfall!!
You have to swim across the pool formed by the waterfall you found, then climb the rocks (from where some of your kids jumped) then go just a bit farther to see the much more picturesque waterfall above this one.
Sorry you missed it.

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