Saturday, January 19

Hibernating Bus Passengers

We have come as close to hibernating as humans can. I can't say I don't like it, either. Since I last blogged, all five passengers became ill. Right after I bragged up how *healthy we all are, so don't worry about us catching what you've got*. Jonas came down with it first, then we all quickly followed. It was a respratory flu, or maybe just a chest cold, I don't know, but we're all better now. Of course Joey was convinced there was hidden mold in the bus and we were all slowly dying.

We took another week to fully recover, or some could call it an excuse to watch every reality show currently being aired, and took the time to consider our options. What are we doing? Where are we going? Why are we here in -10 degree temperatures when Kimberly is in shorts in Florida? Where is our next paycheck coming from?

We even came up with some answers. We're here because we really like it, and it's a bonus that there just so happens to be a major gas boom going on in these hills. There's enough work here to last fifteen years, and we've got a nice RV spot that we don't want to lose. The problem is I wanna travel, really we all do, I'm just the only one that whines about it. So we're talking about getting a fifth wheel or travel trailer, with a bedroom for the kids, so we can then park the bus and use it as our travel camper. The RV spot we have is big enough to have an actual yard, complete with deck, trampoline and portable spa(wishful thinking). I didn't enjoy traveling by car and sleeping in hotel rooms and guest rooms, so having the bus readily available to just hop in and go will make it much easier, and more likely. And, Joey will be able to stretch a little farther in something with slides. Win. Win.

For me this is kinda settling down, even though it's in an RV Park, we would be parking with the intent of it lasting a few years. Last time we tried to settle down by buying a house in small town America, with no decent work in sight. We did our traveling to, during, and from the job. What a novel concept to actually *settle down* near work. What a brilliant idea.

We're going to California end of February to watch our nephew take off for Iraq, then hopefully on to an unschooling conference in Arizona. Oh, and Joey still wants a boat by May.

He went back to work today.


My name is Stacie. said...

Sounds like a plan! Especially the trampoline, deck and spa! What state is it that you're thinking of staying in?

tribalmama said...

What exciting plans, and how wonderful you all have the Gift of Choice!
Gotta love that!

karrie said...

Sorry you have been felled by the crud.

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a used RV--and with what money--or just start with a really decent tent to use this summer. Hotels generally bore me, although a few times having a pool for Max to swim in saved my ass at the end of an 8 hour drive.

Jody said...

Cool! We love the 5th wheel. The kids have their own room, and we have a nice size bedroom to stretch out in.

Now that we are looking at boat travel, we have considered selling the Little House, but I am not sure I can bring myself to do it.

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