Tuesday, January 29

What a Day

I get woken up yesterday to the phone ringing, it's Joey calling to say a wrecker just slammed into his brand new truck. When I sent him off to work I told him he shouldn't even bother because it was storming in the mountains so they probably wouldn't get through anyway. I was right. They made it past the gate only to be turned around farther up when they shut the mountain down completely, after a six truck pile up happened first. As Joey's coworker turned his truck around he slid into the embankment, then as Joey tried to tow him out, he got pulled down too. Not a big deal, they made it out, and as they're parked on the side kicking mud off their trucks a wrecker had just turned around and was making his way back down the hill. That's when his rear end started sliding and slid past Joey, slamming his rear end into Joey's front end. It all happened in slow motion, and all he could do was bear down and watch it happen.

I immediately thought that meant he was out of work until it's fixed, but luckily it's still capable. Instead of going to another job, though, he comes home so he can regroup, and figure out why his welder was sputtering. Turns out it works fine at our elevation, about 5500. We bribe the kids with new video games and we all head to Grand Junction for welding supplies, and yarn. :) While we're down there Joey's friend calls, needing to sell his spare welder ASAP, and we just happen to need a spare welder. We drive ALL THE WAY up to Glenwood Springs to meet him at the repair shop where he's getting his truck fixed, and pay the mechanic for him.

We passed our RV Park and the mountain range behind it on the way back up. (I marked where our bus is parked, but you'll probably have to squint to see it.)
Mountain Range behind Rv Park
Look close enough and you'll see the Colorado River, too.

It's dark now and we're heading home when half way there we run into an extremely windy snow storm that's ripping it's way up the I-70 corridor. We can barely see, the drunk bumps on the side of the road are acting as our guide. We know as long as we hit them we're still on the road. We punched through the storm right before our exit to find the single lane road up the hill to our RV Park is not moving. We go eat, and it's still not moving. There was a wreck, and evidently it was a bad one. We go the back way up and finally make it home to find out there were NUMEROUS accidents happening behind us on the I-70.

I'm staying home today.


My name is Stacie. said...

Well, that was quite the day! Hope tomorrow is better. Stay safe.

Verbiosa said...

I kind of like this new knitting trend. You should see how you can work a little into every post. :p (Cute hat, btw.)

I'm glad that none of you were hurt. Dennis had to go to work tonight, and Nate ran down the street to his friend's, but overall, we've been settled in today. It's reaaaaly cold and windy.

zamozo said...

Sheesh! Stay home!!!

Deanne said...

Glad everyone made it home safely! :)

Madeline said...

I'm so glad that you are all ok! Man. yes, stay home and knit. I think I'll do the same.

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