Sunday, January 27

Winter Rv'ing in Colorado

I assumed I knew how to make the hat so I started it, and then got all the way down to my last knit before I read the instructions on how to cap it off. Turns out I did it backwards, I had the top where the brim should be, and no brim where the top should be. Oh well, I ended up unschooling myself through the rest of the hat and we love how it turned out.
My first hat & scarf
And that is my final post on knitting, we will now return to my usual blog of half assed travel stories and bus living.
To answer Stacie, we are currently on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado, where the temps have been averaging around thirty for the highs, and hovering in the teens at night. The next four days we're expecting four to six inches of snow daily, with temps getting down to two. Just for shits and giggles I'll even take you on a mini tour of our RV park as it's been lately, and ever since we got back here, end of December. They say last year the snow lasted about a week. It's been a coooold winter. Yet, we've been able to keep toasty inside.

Directly in front of the bus, looking towards the northeast.
Colorado Winter RV Park
Standing in the doorway of the bus, looking North.
View out my front door

These mountains not only serve as a nice backdrop for my viewing pleasure, but they also house all the oil drilling rigs that my husband currently works on to bring in money, also for my pleasure. I gave him a camera to take some pictures up there, where he's often welding in the middle of blizzards. When I get some from him I'll post them along with a little more information on his current job, which he feels compares alot to unschooling.


My name is Stacie. said...

I think the hat turned out great!

And those pictures are awesome! The Rockies are one of the many things I want to visit before I die. The only mountains I've ever seen are the tree covered kind. Oh and speaking of trees, I want so badly to see the sequoia trees. Have you ever, in all your travels, seen them?

It would be neat to hear how your husband thinks his job is like unschooling.

I am still experimenting with the unschooling life, and it is interesting to see and learn and grow. I just ordered two unschooling books from amazon, and can't wait till they get here!

Jammer said...

The colors are stunning!

And of course, the scenery is as well. :)

Jammer said...

Oops....this is MomVoyage/Karrie. I'm at my husband's store and did not realize he was logged into Blogger.

kimber said...

LOOOVE your blog! We are a young family of four in the process of selling our stick house and moving into the rv full time. You have given me a spark! Check us out at
BTW love the name of your site!
Best Regards,

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