Monday, January 21

Where I bitch about Hughesnet

I went with HughesNet for our Internet. I went with them because eighty percent of the time we were out of cell phone range and all I needed for the satellite was a clear view of the sky. Plus thousands of people use their satellites so they must be decent, right? Wrong. I am still having issues getting it to work, another reason why I've been silent on the blog. They sent the installer out three days ago and he replaced all the cable, tried a new modem, and replaced the transmitter on the dish SEVEN times. Seven. He even switched me to a different satellite, making that my third one now. It still takes about five minutes to load a webpage and forget about getting to any secured sites. I was on the phone with them over an hour the day before and again this morning. They've now got me doing periodic speed tests and then after three days they should have a better diagnosis as to why we can't seem to get it to work properly. If it were up to me I'd have them take their equipment back and say Good-Riddens, but they won't let me out of my contract....wihout paying a $700 termination fee first. I'm at a loss right now, basically makes us never even want to turn on the computers anymore. The customer service people are so nice, it's impossible for me to yell at them, but I am so tired of paying for something and getting nothing. Three days, I'm giving them three more days.

In the meantime, I've been knitting. Just proves I can get addicted to anything.

During our hiberation we had to venture out for hunting and gathering, otherwise known as Wal-Mart. Since we were in Rifle, CO we decided to check out the ice caves near Rifle Falls State Park. After getting there I realized I didn't have a coat, and in twenty degree temps it was way too cold to explore ice caves. I stole Joey's sweatshirt and the kids and I, along with camera phone, ran out to the waterfalls (the boys actually skated in their sliders) to see how they look in the winter. They were almost as frozen as me.

Rifle Falls State Park, CO


My name is Stacie. said...

Awesome picture! We went sliding on the ice on our pond today. Hope you get you internet working. I would feel so alone without mine!

Andrea R said...

We have satellite internet too - but in a stationary house. :) It is *very* picky, I find. And slow. And expensive.

i am not a fan, but for us, it was this or dial-up.

Heather said...

Glad to see you all are still out there and doing your thing!!!! Many hugs as always!!!!

Maire said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, that post is sadly only too true. I am a very new blogger and it is still very exciting to get a comment. This scene is even more stunning here.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful picture! I love frozen water. Since blogging, I am not so addicted knitting but maybe now that it is getting very very cold here I can start again.

Verbiosa said...

That stinks! I would be less than thrilled about paying that cancellation fee, especially when the problem is on their end.

Hope you get it worked out soon. You know we need more pictures. :p

Suzanne said...

What an amazing photo!

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