Saturday, January 26

No, It's Not a Knitting Blog

I mentioned I recently became addicted to knitting. It's not really knitting, unless you consider using a round loom, knitting. I feel like I'm too young to be knitting. Only Grama's knit. And hippies. Then I remembered when I actually learned to knit and crochet, I was ten years old. We were living in Germany and my parents had drug us to German public school. German school was nothing like American schools that I had been used to. My school was in an old fire station, so there were only two classes, mine and another fifth grade class.....and we did not mingle. Germans start and end school with the kids, and in some cases the same teacher. The kids also cussed, even cursing the teacher, Herr Goebel. For that year I had Anatomy, Algebra, Religion (which I sat out), German (spelling, reading & such), Writing, and French. We had school on Saturdays, but we were let out everyday by one, and earlier if the temperature reached eighty degrees. My teacher didn't take it easy on me being the only American, and I actually did pretty well. I struggled with French because I had to translate the French to German, then to English, and frankly, I wasn't into it. A couple days a week we'd go to the main campus where it looked more like a University, and there is where I had crochet class, knitting class, and puzzle making, along with indoor swim and Gym. It was a fun school, but probably mostly because I knew this was basically a year off, it didn't really matter what or how I did, when I got back to the States they wouldn't acknowledge any of it. My Mom still has the sock monkey I crocheted, and the fish puzzle is around somewhere. I can't remember what I knitted, but I'm sure my Mom still has that, too. See how easy it is to live on the road and get rid of stuff, just have a packrat for a mom.

I learned how to round loom another unconventional way, at an unschooling conference. I sought it out, learned it real quick, and then showed my mom. She then showed my niece and they've been knitting for two years now, and lent me one of their looms which I've had for a year. Cleaning out cupboards the other day the loom fell down on me, along with some yarn my mom ad also given me, and I decided to start on it that day. I finished this scarf the very next day:
Modeling new scarf

I was hooked. I could hardly stand to be with myself the next day because I needed a bigger loom to make her a matching hat. As much as I hate leaving the warmth and comfort of my bus, Jewel and I forced ourselves to go to Wal-Mart in search of more looms and yarn. I've already knitted the hat, and now I'm trying to figure out how to finish it off. The selection of yarn was depressing so we'll have to make a trip to Grand Junction for some more funky yarn.

I'm glad I found something more productive to do than just watch TV, but I still give myself a hard time about not getting outside. Jewel and I attempted a walk yesterday, but the breeze, even as slight as it was, was just too much for my comfort. I did shovel snow for an hour, though. We've never shoveled and the snow outside our door keeps getting more and more packed down, which is now a five inch slab of ice, so I'm working on getting it safer. Today is a bright sunny day, so I may just look for a park to take the kids too, since the five day forecast is snow, snow, and more snow. Hmmmm, I know Grand Junction has nice parks.

Update on Satellite: After five days of tests HughesNet has determined that I have fast speeds and a good connection. I've determined: For $99 a month, it's PATHETIC.


Madeline said...

Aren't looms great? Gillen loved using his and I might switch to one too. Way faster than the needles. That scarf is beautiful.

My name is Stacie. said...

what state are you in now? what have the temps been?

Suzanne said...

I stumbled on your blog a while ago, not sure where from but have been reading your adventures since. The scarf looks great!

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