Thursday, February 21

Carlsbad Beach State Park

We finally got the perfect spot we were looking for. On a bluff, in Carlsbad Beach State Park.....beach side.
Carlsbad Beach
The outside temps were decent but the water was only fifty eight degrees and we figured if we were really going to enjoy ourselves, we had better get some wet suits.
Carlsbad Beach Family Pic
We got the kids all new suits, then found used ones for me and Joey at the local DAV Thrift store. We even found a used full suit that fit Jake, so he ended up with winter and spring wet suits, opting to wear the full suit. I found a full size boogie board left against a dumpster at camp, and we bought three new small ones for the kids. Joey was going to rent a surfboard, but we ended up having so much fun with the boogie boards that it just seemed like a hassle to have to leave our new haven.
Our campsite above Carlsbad Beach
We're straight up, right in the middle, and we practically have this whole beach to ourselves.
Carlsbad Beach

The kids took some time to work up to actual boogie boarding, once they figured out they couldn't use them for skimming or sand surfing.
Carlsbad Beach kids
And that they're supposed to lay on it, not under it.
Carlsbad Beach
Jewel never did catch on, but we won't tell her that.
Jewel's version of boogie boarding
Here she says she was teaching her board how to swim.
Carlsbad Beach 021
And, I don't know what she was doing here.....besides giving me something to watch.

We also saw our share of wildlife on the beach. While we were in the water Joey and I swam with a sea lion, and we all saw dolphins from the shore. The pelicans were awesome to watch soar across the ocean, and even better when they would occasionally fly over head. Ground squirrels were everywhere and would come within feet of us. The neatest find, though, was a dead stingray on the beach.
Carlsbad Beach 073
And the creepiest.
Dead Stingray

Carlsbad Beach Sunset
We spent three glorious days here, but had to leave when it started raining, and the forecast wasn't calling for it to stop any time soon. In case youre wondering, Why YES, we do wish we had the bus at this point, and NO, we won't be making a habit out of tent camping.


Mary Ann said...

Great job on the pictures! I'm glad you got some great days in before the rain.

My name is Stacie. said...

Wow, it looks like you had an awesome time! I love the pictures. I feel almost like I'm there!

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