Tuesday, February 19

San Diego County

Waking up we didn't know what we were going to do next, but somehow we ended up heading straight for Coronado Island. Joey retold stories of swimming in that cold bay for Recon school, with the sharks, in fifty degree temps. We drove by the sand hills and the obstacle course that he so loved. Then, we went to Imperial Beach, where we once called the Seacoast Inn home for a month.
Imperial Beach
So much for the southern most beaches, they're contaminated all the way up from the Mexican border.

We checked out Silver Strand State Beach but it was nothing more than a parking lot, and it was full. We decided to head up to Carlsbad Beach, and were so excited when we saw the beach camping, only to get turned away because they were full. What the hell is going on? For sure by Sunday night we shouldn't have had any problems.....that's when we were told it was a holiday weekend! So, we have to keep going north up the Coast Highway to San Onofre. We find a decent woody spot in San Mateo State Park, set up and head to San Clemente beach for some beach combing and to catch the sunset.
walk down to San Clemente State Beach
The kids had other ideas.
Kids playing in San Clemente State Beach
But did find an interesting item on the beach before succumbing to the water.
Things kids find on the beach
Dude, got any?

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karrie said...


If you're still in the SD area, I recco a hike in Tecolote Canyon.

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