Monday, February 4

U.A.'s, D.O.T.'s & S.O.B.'s

The day after buying the second welder, the guy backed out and said he'd pay us back on payday, so Joey had no choice but to take his welder into the shop in Grand Junction.....and take a couple forced days off work. Normally we may spend the time testing how well the memory foam mattress actually remembers, but this time we decided to be a little more productive. Joey got his U.A. done so he can work at a Chevron, or is it Exxon, Plant. He also got his welder registered with the state of Colorado. We've never heard of this before, but when he got stopped by DOT the other day he asked where his welder registration sticker was, so he figured he better get it before he gets caught using it without one. It only cost $12 but when I called the courthouse she said it could be a couple hundred, makes me wonder what she was talking about now. I'm sure I did some important stuff, too......hmmmm.

I drove along to Grand Junction to pick up the welder, and enjoyed a not so common view of snow on the mountain range east of town.
Grand Jct East

Long time friends of my blog may remember the mountain range from the last campground we were in, the rural one with the private lake.
Western Slope
I love these ever changing views, I never know what I'll get from one day to the next.

Of course, now Mr. Flakey wants to go ahead and sell Joey the welder, but after having more time to think about it he realized taking a couple days off to fix a welder occassionally... is a nice thing. We don't need the headache of maintaining two machines and two trucks, so we're also selling his Ford F-350. Lessening our schtuff makes me ecstatic.

He went to Utah for a job his first day back, and there's not many things he likes more than a road trip, especially since I just got his Sirius radio going again after his free trial stopped weeks ago. People have been telling us for years that we should get satellite radio, but we refused to pay for radio....until we tried it. Why'd we take so long?!

THEN the snow started.
Snow Bus
Rendering us unable to escape. (Not really, but when we can't even see our neighbors trailer, we'd be stupid to get on the roads if we didn't have to).

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