Monday, February 18

Joshua Tree National Park

Daily we get asked, "Where are you from?", and we always struggle with an answer. Coming back to the Mojave Desert, it finally became clear, for me at least.
On a long desert highway....
This is where I'm from. Middle of nowhere, B.F.E., the desert I always hated and couldn't wait to get out of, has me feeling like I'm home again. I used to walk barefoot across this desert and stickers wouldn't dare prick me. We made tumbleweed men instead of snowmen. We gathered in the desert to have big bonfires and drink where the cops would never find us. We did donuts and surfed in the back of pickups. What we never did was appreciate it's beauty. I'm glad I can finally do that now.

Joshua Tree National Park is in this desert, and is where we planned on camping for a bit. We've camped here before, but always in our motorhome. I've always liked that we'd have the place mostly to ourselves and our pick of campsites. It was never a very popular spot, so when we pulled in and almost every single campground was full I couldn't believe it. We got one of the last spots at the Jumbo Rocks Campground, which was nestled in the rocks, but was a wind tunnel!
joshua Tree campsite
It made the forty degrees feel like negative forty, and forced us inside the tent all night. The next morning we went into Twenty Nine Palms for breakfast, since I wasn't hopping up offering to cook anything, and decided to go back, pack up, and head farther South. I couldn't imagine spending another frozen sleepless night out there, and luckily the nice warm sun during the day, didn't make me forget my miserable night. Everyone else slept fine, but I was froze to my bones.

We still had plenty of time to enjoy climbing the rocks,
joshua Tree
Jumping the rocks,
Jumping Jumbo Rocks
Rest on the rocks,
Justa chillin'
and even letting Mom interrupt chill time on the rocks for a picture.
Jonas enjoying Joshua Tree
Oh yeah, there were Joshua Trees there, too.
joshua Tree
Which aren't actually trees, in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't, but every once in a while I have to throw some educational stuff at ya. They're actually a member of the lily family.

The thing that made we squeal like a school girl, though, were the wildflowers. As Kimberly put it, I was welcomed back to the world of color!
joshua Tree wildflowers
I couldn't decide which I liked best, so you get both.
joshua Tree wildflowers


My name is Stacie. said...

I am so envious of your life. Truly. My husband would not appreciate that kind of life, but I sure would. New things to see everyday, sleeping outside, communing with nature, seeing a vast array of sights most people never get to see. I am so glad you keep a blog. I will continue to be a faithful reader and live vicariously through you. You kids are living an awesome childhood. I hope you never question your way of life. They will have amazing memories to live with for the rest of their lives.

zamozo said...

You mean the world isn't monochrome -- white???? I'd squeal like a child if I saw what is in that bottom photo (my fav of the two) too!! It looks so.... warm.

Mary Ann said...

Flowers!!!! I can't wait for spring!

I love the pictures on the rocks!

Jody said...

The desert really is a stunning place to visit.

Lvoe the rock hopping pics. My boys would have loved that!

karrie said...

I love the desert. But the drive between Vegas and San Diego? Eh, not so much.

We did not make it to JNP--the camspite looks wonderful, wind aside.

Next year. When the flowers are blooming, since that is one thing I have yet to see. I've only been in the middle of summer or winter. Still gorgeous though.

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