Tuesday, February 5

Sharks in Colorado

We were all set to go sledding near Powderhorn a couple days ago, that was until this latest snow storm started. I couldn't even get to Rifle to get a new router that I've been desperatley needing. Yes, I do need it, and ever since moving into an RV ten years ago, I've been pretty good with just getting what we need. That's one thing that this lifestyle will teach you, whether you want to learn it or not, you don't get it unless you need it. OR, in order to bring home those new shoes you have to get rid of a pair you haven't worn, in say...two years. But I'm getting off track. What I'm trying to say is, it's been snowing long time. But we finally got out today, and am happy to report that my new router works wonderfully with my new cable internet. I had it with the satellite. I downgraded my service, and got Comcast...with no contract, and for only $33 a month. I'm paying three dollars more a month for both services, than I was for the fastest package I had with HughesNet that wasn't any better than dial up. I now have a dish and modem for sale..any takers?

The drive to Rifle was absolutely beautiful! We didn't see asphalt for four miles.
RV park snow
All the way down our "hill" and crossing the Colorado.
Colorado Winter Upstream
Nothing but white.

Errands done, almost everything on my list accomplished, we get to head back to our mountains. Maybe I'm biased, but I think ours are the best.
I-70 near Rifle, CO

The second we walk in the door, Jonas is jonesing to get outside. Which is quite a shock since I've been wishing they'd get outside more. Jewel has a fever and cough so she's not up for anything but napping. I even found some sledding hills nearby which I never knew were there before today, but we have to stay home wth Jewel. Instead the boys build fortress walls to hide behind during snowball fights.
Jake's snowball toss
Too bad Jake was aiming for me!

What's a shark doing in the middle of the snow?
Snow Shark

Watch out snow swimmer!
Deadly RV Park Snow Sharks
There's three more behind you!

Deadly RV Park Snow Sharks
The whole RV Park has witnessed the carnage. It's not safe at site "17".


My name is Stacie. said...

I love those snow pictures! And that is some amazing snow art!

zamozo said...

No, I'm not going to any conferences this year.

Love your photos! AT least you have sun along with your snow. It is so dreary and gray here - ugh! Wish you were here ;-P

Jody said...

That is some serious snow!

bluezfire said...

I know you are probably tired of snow and ready for something else, but I just have to say how absolutely gorgeous those photos are and I would love to be there to witness such magnificent views in person. Spring will be here soon. Hold on. :)

karrie said...

The flying snowball shot is awesome.

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