Monday, December 7

Baby It’s Cold Out There

It’s snowing again, and we’re waiting for a blizzard. This wouldn’t be so bad if we were properly prepared. Winter’s hitting us fast and hard, and I was still living in Summerland. The kids outgrew every snow boot and snow jacket, and have long since tied the scarves together to tie each other up with leashes and collars. Jewel has mud boots she trenches in while playing tag with the cats, but other than that we just stare out at the snow wondering what the heck we’re doing back in cold country for the winter.  Random at Home 075

I let Jonas wear my favorite suede boots out in the snow last time and when I peeked out the window I saw him heading into the unfrozen silty muddy sticky pond. I was helpless to stop him from getting stuck and then pulling his socked foot out to step in the mud to then put it back inside my fuzzy soft furry boot. I would have cried if I weren’t laughing so hard. Watching, knowing exactly what was going to happen, yelling inside while jumping up and down, frantically waving my hands……….. with him in JonasLand.

Today he went out in deck shoes, no socks, and shorts…says he’s immune to extreme heat and cold. At least he went nowhere near the ponds.


travelingwild said...

What an excellent blog! I've been reading much of it, and find it extremely interesting. My wife and I traveled full-time for six years (1998-2004) in a Ford van converted by Sportsmobile. I kept a daily journal, and attempted to write about our travels when we finished. It proved impossible. Whatever I attempted was either too long or too superficial. In many ways, I wish I had done what you're doing, but I didn't have enough know-how at the time. Congratulations to you on a great job.

angela said...

when we became friends, i started talking to you (or texting, or im'ing you) instead of reading about your life online.
i just read a few of your most recent posts, and realized that i've been missing out on something special. you have a gift, bicki, i would buy your book. please send it to some publishers so i don't have to pay $80 for it~
i forgot how much i love your blog.

ps. where'd you go on aim? lol

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