Monday, December 14

Mobile Blogging

Once I got broadband internet from Verizon I thought my days of sitting in the truck hunting down wi-fi were over, but in an effort to not go over my monthly limit I find myself in the library parking lot uploading a huge file. While I have an hour to kill I read blogs, email, twitter and facebook on my new Droid cell phone so I figured I may as well round off the list with blogging from it!


Vicki said...

Well, i can't edit from blogaway. I don't like the geotag so i fixed that for future posts. I'll have to go to mobile blogger & delete that tag

The Kirkndopps said...

Holy crap, I know I'm turning 40 in two weeks but I feel like you're speaking Arabic to me. I've got to get those kids of mine to translate and then maybe I should homeschool myself through computers 102.

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