Wednesday, December 30

Kids Change People

We have NEVER been cat people…more like English Bulldog people, but never cat people. That is until Jonas and Jewel came along and decided they WERE cat people. For our kids sake we opened up our minds and our hearts and we tried to accept cats as even an option. There was a garage cat named George that we thought was pretty darn cool, and then when we came across an abandoned kitty at a campground in Michigan it tore at our hearts enough to bring him with us in the RV. We all fell instantly in love with Tinker, although Joey still had his reservations. Travelin' Tinker He liked her, but did not like the litter box. She wasn’t meant to be an RV cat though, as she liked to be outside too much and after six months we eventually lost her. It was incredibly hard on the kids and I and still, three years later, we miss her. Really, miss her.

Our English Bulldog was never a good traveling dog either, as he’d get motion sickness, so my Grama adopted him and lived happily with her the rest of their lives (he died a week after she did).

We’ve not had much of a desire to replace either of them while we’re still living on the road, but we have missed having pets around. So when we moved into this house and started have cat visitors daily it was a HUGE treat. They kind of trickle in slowly, some decide to stay, some move on, and it’s always exciting around here when a new one shows up! You’d think Polar Bears just showed up.

Let me in!

Stuffles has been here I think the longest, and she is, by far, my favorite. She’s here, rain, snow or sleet, and usually can be found just like this, on the back porch staring in the glass slider door. It didn’t take long for Lucy to realize we had a sweet pad for them (heated enclosed dog house with bedding), so she’s almost always here too.


Lucy is jewel’s favorite. Lucy always has this same stare. Lucy kinda freaks me out a little.


Jr. Cat Lady

Jewel especially loves these cats. It’s surprising to me to have these feral cats, this people friendly. These two are, at least. The others just use us for food, but Lucy and Stuffles come for the rubs, too. Jewel * Stuffles

Our landlord asked us to not have any indoor pets, and Joey does his best to keep them out.

The Motley Crue 

It’s not easy, but I know we won’t be here forever so I’m trying not to get too attached, and we are definitely not wanting them to get dependent on us. We are ALL enjoying them while we can! :)


Learning With Passion said...

I especially love the last two pictures. Personally, I love cats. I love cats even better than kittens. They all have such unique personalities and show love in such different ways.

Enjoy them while you are there. You may not be able to take them with you but you'll have the memories forever.

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

The picture with the cats looking in through the glass door is adorable! We tried traveling with our Siamese cat but after a few trips she really freaked out and we had to put her in 'foster care' with close family friends. We now have a puppy that accompanies us on our trips. Surprisingly, he's adjusted to life in the camper much better. Loved reading your post!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Aren't they just the sweetest things, all pressed up against the glass like that? Beautiful babies. ;-)

And you're right - kids change people. So do CATS!

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