Tuesday, December 1

A House for Winter

colorado house pano

On the very day my friend Lara and her kids were coming to visit Joey wanted me to see The House. I didn’t want a house, but I went and looked at The House….. The next day Lara and kids helped us move into The House.

The kids were beyond thrilled, they each got their own room. Joey was happy, he got the space and comfort he was craving. I got 2000 sq. ft. of floors to vacuum and mop, three toilets to clean, and four bathroom sinks to scrub toothpaste out of. Of course, it made me happy to see everyone else so happy so I eventually came to appreciate The House, but what I love more than anything are the views we get from practically every window and door.

View from the Living Room

This is the front window and where we regularly watch the sunrise…which is something new for me but this House has turned me into a morning person. Even the kids have switched from Up All Night, Sleep All Day to normal people hours.

View from the back

Most of my days are spent in the kitchen with my views out the back. (This cat hung out on our porch for a couple weeks but then we never saw him again.) Jewel named him Stuffles.

Jewel in backyard

Jewel fishing in our backyard pond

We have a couple small ponds on the property where the kids fish for crawdads.

Jewel's Homemade fishing pole

With homemade poles.

That’s a stick, some pretty yarn and some cheese. Forget the dozen professionally built poles we have, they don’t have purple and pink yarn.

My Backyard

It looks like we’ll be staying put for a little while while we figure out our next move.

Colorado Landscapes 086

With views like these, that are constantly changing with the sun and clouds, I think we can hang like this for……..at least three months.

Front Yard Dusk View


sak said...

The scenery is amazing! Love the finshing pole. :)

Our Pace said...

Looks like a great location!

Motherbird said...

Beautiful! (I hear ya about cleaning those bathrooms though.)

debs said...

Vicki! I love your views! I love that your photos of The House, included zero photos of The House, only photos of The Views and the surrounding outdoor areas! You guys are awesome, no matter where you sleep!! I also think the fishing pole is spectacular.

little castle said...

Wow, what incredible views. If I had to do a House again, I think I could handle one with views and ponds like that. Love the fishing pole!

Tonya said...

Looking at the pictures of that awesome view almost made me want a house again too! Beautiful!

Little House On Wheels said...

Congrats on your new place. Those views are breathtaking! More importantly I don't see neighbors. It looks like a lot of peace and quiet...

but yes, I have no desire to clean a 2000SF house.

Tan Family said...

Love your blog! We are going to start following it. :)

JenPB said...

Wow...now THAT's what I call a GREAT neighborhood! Crawdads and ponds, no neighbors within earshot, beautiful views to share with a lovely family. Ideal! Where is it? (OK, Colorado I get, but having LIVED in Green River, UT, I know there's a lot of great territory out that way - just wondered where you'd landed.)

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