Wednesday, December 2

When I said my views changed……

When I said my views changed, I wasn’t kidding around…..

Starting at o’dark thirty:


then o’dark thirty two


The views change quick around here

East View from Home

from a cloudy Fall day

East Facing views from home

to a snowy sunset reflection

with an early moon

East Facing views from home with Moon

After a rain

West view from home

before the storm

West views from Home

or bright crystal blue

I love them all, I do

north from home

Our neighbors to the north

and our frozen pond on one freak blizzardy morning in October

small frozen pond

with the lights of the Interstate twinkling (even though we’re not ON the road, we’re still on the ROAD)

Deer in the Backyard

Every morning and every evening these deer can be found grazing in the fields behind us, sometimes they drink from our ponds and stare in our windows, too…for reelz

North view from home

My favorite thing about all these pictures…they’re straight out of the camera, so all those colors you’re seeing is exactly what we’re seeing.

But I know what you all want………….

Colorado house

The House

Random at Home 011

and The Land to go with it

Random at Home 375

Home Sweet Home

For Now


Our Pace said...

All I have to say is "WOW!" It's a beautiful place!

Motherbird said...

Omg, we all hate you now. So jealous. :-)

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